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It’s Mental Health Awareness Month: Why Mental Health Is Important

Mental Health Awareness Month isn't just one month but every day of the year...

Hey, are you okay? Really, like seriously? Have you checked in on yourself lately; are things getting heavy on your mind? It's a broad question but a pretty loaded one. The spotlight on mental health has definitely grown over the years, but have we, or shall I say you, really thought about your mental health enough? I know life can get busy, complicated, and chaotic -- especially during exam time so the focus on yourself can be slim or completely out of the window. But if you take one thing from this, please take some time out of your days (literally even 5 minutes) and reflect on your thoughts and feelings and how you are truly doing. 

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So now that we got the bigger picture out of the way, let me really tell you why your mental health is important. When you push the focus on yourself and mental health out of the way and to the back of your mind, it eventually builds up and up (just like the chair in the corner of your room that's home to all the clothes you're too lazy to hang up) and eventually there will be so much built up that you'll implode or explode. And a mental explosion is NEVER good; it's damaging and draining. I've seen my closest friends hit that point, not to mention even myself. I've been at that point way more times than I'd like to count and I'm sure you or someone you know has too and let me just say -- it is NOT fun. 

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From personal experiences, it wasn't easy. I felt lost, confused, and madder at myself for letting myself deteriorate mentally to that point. So between me and you, I've been there, and if you are there right now, that rut you are in is never too deep to crawl out of. Focus on you for once and not everything that surrounds you. 

Like I said earlier the common phrase, "Are you okay?" is so broad but it's a question that you truly need to ask yourself more often. No one likes hitting rock bottom and having no drive to even get out of bed, especially when something could be done about it, so while you're ahead and I'm here telling you these things, take my advice and check in on yourself and ask yourself:

  • Am I okay?
  • What's pulling me down?
  • Am I truly happy?
  • Why do I have a mental fog?
  • Have I eaten today?
  • When's the last time I called my family members?
  • When was the last time I stepped outside?

Mental health is no joke; there's no easy way to battle or address the inner demons you deal with and it's definitely easier said than done to shine a light on the stuff that really rubs you the wrong way internally. But I'm here to tell you that once you start focusing on YOU and working towards a better YOU that you will be okay, even as cliché as it sounds and even if you think you're at the lowest of your lowest point. All those sappy and cliché quotes you see in the department stores are true, the only way is up from here, and eventually when you get to the point in your life when you are TRULY okay and happy. Maybe you can celebrate by queuing "Started from the Bottom" by Drake. No, but seriously, find what you love -- a hobby, exercise, or just talk to a friend and reflect on yourself. Ask yourself the tough and heavy questions, put the puzzle pieces of your scrambled mind in a pile and slowly piece them together until you get a rhythm because I truly believe growth begins within, and the only way out is through, even if it does take baby steps. You are in complete control of your life and how you deal and process things, and if no one's told you recently or you just need to hear it -- I believe in YOU.

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Hi!! My Name is Abby, I am currently a sophomore at College of Charleston. I am majoring in business with a focus on marketing! I'm hoping to find a career in digital marketing and or social media marketing. I love traveling, photography, food, the beach, coffee, and being with family and friends during my down time. I plan on moving out west after college and pursuing that career path.
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