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The “Ahhhhh I am feeling anxious” is probably one of the worst feelings in the world. You probably feel helpless and scared, but just know with a little bit of de-stressing you’ll feel better! I know this because I am an anxious being myself! As a person who grew up with anxiety and still tries to combat it to this day, I know how hard it is/ Here are some ways I have learned to cope with my anxiety that will maybe help you too.

Mindfulness and Mental Wellness Apps Recommended by Apple

-Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

-Ten Percent Happier Meditation

-Balance: Meditation & Sleep


-Insight Timer Meditation App

The Alpha-Stim

A highly researched and FDA approved “electrotherapy device” that treats “anxiety, depression, insomnia, and pain.” For more information use the link below


Deep Breathing and Yoga

Find a local yoga studio near you and feel at home in the space. I enjoy doing yoga when I can and it definitely makes a difference as you can breathe through the different poses (vinyasa). If you have an Apple watch, there is a breathing app that shows up when your heart rate increases, this has definitely helped me as I do not notice myself getting anxious. If you do not have access to an Apple watch there are many breathing and meditation YouTube videos that can get you in a state of calm.

Small Tasks such as Baking or Knitting

I knit when I get anxious; it helps me slow down and focus on the task at hand while showing the progress that I make when I knit a blanket, for instance. I also know people who bake as well when they feel anxious, this helps them feel productive while calming their anxiety.

Clean your Space

Sometimes a crowded room leads to a crowded mind. I am not saying to get rid of everything you own, but sometimes when it is too much it can make someone feel overloaded. Sometimes when someone feels anxious and they are in a messy place, they don’t feel anxious anymore when they clean it!

Hometown is Leesburg, Virginia Graduation year: 2024 instagram: jessica.kach
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