If You Were a Person

Your lips were bittersweet with

nicotine, weed, and Redbull when they 

whispered to me to take another shot of vodka.


They told me that I owe you my life. 


You took my innocence away slowly with every

breath you lured out of my lungs.

With every forgotten and lost sin we shared together. 


Every crack in my fragile heart you filled in with black tar. 

You left my ears ringing after the gunshots

you fired through me.


I hate you.


But I still beg you to come bother me on sleepless nights.

To hold me hostage in my own bed. 

You tell me to stare through you and forget anything else as you hold me down. 


I do not belong to you.

I am stronger than you.

I am not alone.

All lies that I tell myself.


Because I still beg for you when the nightmares

start coming back.