Taking Advantage of UB's Wellness Center

UB’s Wellness Center is an incredible resource for finding a quiet place to sit and de-stress. They offer a variety of resources for helping students be the best version of themselves and they also have snacks. I often take 18/19 credits a semester and I'm also president of 2 organizations on campus so, the wellness center is a great way for me to get some quiet time. It’s placed in the back of the Student Union and has a super comfortable and relaxing environment. Here’s 5 ways you can use the Wellness Center to de-stress.


1. Tea. The Wellness Center has an entire spot for making tea with various types and cute little mugs to keep your yummy beverage warm while you drink it.


2. Lotion. This little spot of heaven often has lotion available at the front counter which is nice for keeping your skin soft and promotes you taking care of yourself.



3. Snacks. I don’t know about any of you but I am the snack QUEEN. Anytime, anywhere, anyday, I am forever a food and snack enthusiast. They offer a variety of apples which pair lovely with a spot of your favorite tea.


4. This center also offers Stress Management and Prevention events which will teach you a variety of ways to help you manage your stress levels to help keep you calm and focused.

5. College can be really hard sometimes and it often makes eating healthy a challenge. The Wellness Center offers students the opportunity to meet with a nutritionist which can help you to stay on track with your goals.