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     Do you want to work out but don’t feel like going to a gym or going outside?  Ever since quarantine, I have been really into the YouTube account FitnessBlender!  The couple Daniel and Kelli Segars make workout videos for people to do right from their own home.  Their lengths range anywhere from ten minutes to around a whole hour and a half!  Personally I try to do at least thirty minutes of working out, and their videos cater to that amazingly.  I either do one of their thirty minute videos or three of their ten minute videos to get in a full workout.  Below I am going to recommend some of my favorite videos of theirs, I hope you check them out and enjoy!

At Home Cardio Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily – Fun Fat Burning Cardio

     I actually did this one today and they kicked my butt!  Instead of doing rounds of the same types of exercises, this video switches it up by not repeating a single exercise in the whole video.  There is a lot of variation here which I appreciate.  By the end of it I was sweatin’ bullets, I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a shorter but effective workout.

24 Minute at Home Abs Workout – Ab Blasting Interval Workout

     FitnessBlender also does a variety of different ab workouts!  This one consists of three groups of four exercises, forty-five seconds on and ten seconds off.  I’m not going to lie, this one is tough, but it feels great after!  You can also pause the video to break whenever you need, there’s no pressure.

20 Minute Butt and Thigh Workout – Glute Activation Workout

     Their butt and leg workouts are brutal!  Or maybe I’m just not used to working out my lower body, oops.  You can really feel the burn and I have noticed my legs have gotten more toned after doing their workout videos.  Kelly incorporates a wide variety of exercises to target certain muscles and you can most definitely feel it afterwards (especially the day after).  But that’s how you know you did something right!

     I hope you find these recommendations helpful and enjoy your at-home workouts more from here on out!  I especially love this channel because they do modified versions of their exercises as an alternative.  They also tell their audience that it is totally okay to pause the video and take a break if needed, which is honestly encouraging because there is not as much pressure involved.  The best approach to working out is gradually making your way up and not putting insane amounts of pressure on yourself.  Improvement is gradual so please do not beat yourself up if you don’t get it right away!  Y’all got this, good luck <3

Katie is the president and chapter correspondent of the Her Campus Buffalo chapter and a junior at the University at Buffalo studying psychology and political science. She loves to write about current events, politics, how to manage college life, and much more! She plans on using this platform to speak her mind and make a difference at UB.
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