How to Stay Fit During the Semester

I’m sure we can all agree that college is so much fun: no parents to watch your every move, parties every day, clubs and events going on all the time, you can eat whatever you want, etc.


Not to mention that you probably have class every day and a job on the side.


With all of this stuff going on, it is not uncommon to neglect your body and your health.


Here are some easy ways to stay fit throughout the semester, reach body goals (whatever they may be!), and feel confident about yourself.

         1. Drink Water

This one is the key to success. Water is great for your body and helps to clear up your skin. Try swapping out that soda at lunch time with water or, my personal favorite, carry a cute water bottle around with you. This will make you accountable and you’ll have no excuse for why you did not drink any water during the day.

         2. Use your Campus Gym

There’s a reason it’s there. Besides, when’s the next time you’ll get to go to the gym for free? Hitting the gym after class a few days a week can help you build your focus, which is useful when trying to do your psychology homework later. Bored of the treadmill? Look on your campus website to see if there are any fitness classes offered. These are usually fun and you bring a good friend.

         3. Stretch

Stretching is a great way to wake yourself up in the morning before class (if you didn’t oversleep, that is). It can also alleviate any pains you may be experiencing, whether it’s related to stress or the way you carry your books. It is also a great way to gradually be more flexible.

         4. Eat your Fruits and Vegetables, Kids

There are so many students who skip right past the veggies in the cafeteria and head straight to the pasta or pizza line. This isn’t always a bad thing; pizza temptation is hard! However, you will be doing your body justice with grabbing some vegetables or salad once in a while. Fruit is easy because it is mostly portable: just grab a banana or apple and eat it while walking to class.

         5. Walk or Run

Ok, so running is not most students’ favorite pastime. This one will not only improve your physical health, but your mental health as well. Running or walking in the nearby park or around campus opens up your mind and allows you to enjoy the small, and often most beautiful, things you otherwise missed before. Just be sure to take a friend with you if you go at night, safety first!