Sick at School: How to Power Through

It’s an overwhelming time for all of us. With the stress of midterms, homework, commitments, and everything else, it’s tough to be consistent with a healthy lifestyle. HerCampus has some tips for getting through these exhausting weeks!


1. Take it easy! Don’t be too hard on yourself about keeping up your regular routines. You don’t have to go to the gym five times a week and work your butt off. Maybe go on a walk on the treadmill to get yourself moving and endorphins going, but don’t push yourself.


2. DRINK MORE WATER. You’re probably not drinking as much water as you should be; it’s tough! Try to make a rule for yourself, like finish one bottle’s worth per class. See how many times you can refill your bottle throughout the day! And make sure you’re washing your bottle if you re-use it, because germs will stay there.

3. Stay in. Don’t feel pressured to go out, and try your best to overcome the FOMO. There will be plenty of other times to hang out with your friends. Right now, your health and your academics are your priorities.


4. Exams are not an excuse to eat like s***. Sure, you can treat yourself when the exam is over and if you’ve done a great job studying for a while, but don’t get into a rut full of junk food! Eating healthy will help you perform better on your exams and make you feel better overall.

5. Prioritize. Literally take out a piece of paper and list your commitments, class work, and everything else you need to get done. Rank these of importance and refer to it when you’re overloaded with work and in a time crunch.


You can do it! Take these tips seriously and you should start to feel better soon! (Just don’t stress about now having to do all these things! Remember, take it easy!)