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Five Ways to Say Goodbye

’Tis the season for holiday cheer and gift giving (and receiving!).  As we begin to close off the semester and look forward to spending time with our families and friends at home, we must also acknowledge the dreaded goodbyes. To whom? Our adventurers who will be studying abroad for the spring semester! These brave souls will embark on a wonderful journey to a foreign country, leaving us behind to await the return. Not ready to say goodbye to your friends? Worried you won’t have a pal to call Domino’s late at night with you or keep you motivated enough to run outside in the cold? Moreover, don’t know how to say goodbye? IT’S OK! We’ve got five ways to show your friends that you don’t appreciate them leaving you, but you will patiently (sort of) await their fabulous return and you will be there to support them no matter what! Here we go! 

1. Write a letter

As much as it hurts you that they are not going to be at Bucknell for the spring semester, remember that your friends are also scared and nervous about departing! Write them a letter for the airplane ride (which will probably be long and nerve-wrecking) telling them not to worry, to take risks, explore and step out of their comfort zone! Share a few encouraging notes and remind them that you will always be a phone call/Facebook message away! Also, write to them while they’re abroad! Hand-written letters are the best way to communicate! It’s old fashioned, but it’s nice to receive something hand-written every once in a while!

2. Give them a notebook 

Give them a little notebook so that they can record all the happenings along the way! They can use it for whatever they want – as a diary to record their personal transformation or as a little scrapbook filled with memories. Maybe even make it small enough so that they can bring it along everywhere they go! You never know when a pen and paper might come in handy at a bar – phone numbers anyone? (; Help a girl out even when you’re miles away. 

4. Gift a disposable camera

Another old-school idea that never seems to go out of date: the disposable camera. Yes they can take pictures, annoyingly upload and brag about their adventures on Facebook and Instagram, but nothing is more precious than a physical copy of a picture! Besides, disposable cameras give the photos a bit of a vintage vibe – as if it was already pre-filtered to begin with. Another plus? It’s kind of hipster, so points for that!

5. Plan to meet up!

This might be the hardest to accomplish but plan to meet up in Europe, Asia, South Africa or even another state in United States if your friend is studying abroad within domestic borders! This way, your friend can show you around to all the places she’s been raving about, you guys can have a nice group vacation and you yourself can have a nice little outing! This is a time for you to take advantage of the time we are given during college! 


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