Why You Should Try Spin Class

I grew up riding my bike around my neighborhood for hours on end. Recently, I fell in love with spin classes, probably due to my previous infatuation with bike riding. Fortunately for me, I fell in love with them at a very reasonable rate. Spin can get ridiculously expensive — potentially $35 a class. If money were no object, I’d say that everyone should do spin as much as possible.

One of the best aspects of spinning is the group atmosphere. The group atmosphere at a cycling class is supportive, but it also makes it uncomfortable to leave halfway through a class. The group motivates you to stay. When I go spinning, I don’t leave the class early to avoid doing something that I don’t want to do. Hello, abdominal workouts.

Additionally, going to spin class makes you feel confident. The workout attire is so cute and fun. Personally, I get super hot when I workout. Printed leggings usually just aren’t in the cards for me during a normal gym visit, but spin places tend to be kept super cool. So, feel free to whip out those cheetah print leggings you’ve been dying to wear — they’re a fun workout option!

Another fun aspect of spin is the amazing pump-up music. Someone else creates the playlist, so you’ll hear some of your personal favorites — but you’ll also be introduced to new and fun workout songs. I’ve found the BEST motivational music through the spin classes I’ve gone to. It’s also a great safety trick: I get concerned about always listening to music with headphones in, so it’s an alternative workout that makes me feel a lot better about my ear safety due to the speakers.

Overall, the best part of spinning is the endorphins! Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, as Elle Woods has stated. A few extra spin classes a week are sure to keep the endorphins and good vibes flowing. Happy spinning!