Three Steps to Handle Your Stressful Midterms Week

I don’t know how everybody else’s recent midterm week went, but mine was brutal. Like minimal sleep, eating Hot Pockets for dinner two nights in a row, and downing Starbucks Cold Brews every morning kind of brutal. I think what made this particular midterms week so very rough for me was the combination of conventional tests and papers. Here’s what I did to survive it:

  1. 1. Give Yourself a Break

    So the first step in surviving midterms week is giving yourself a break. You cannot be stressed 24/7 for a whole week. It’s just not healthy, and it will inevitably lead to a burnout. I had to learn this the hard way, but once you learn it, you don’t forget it. My breaks are usually hanging out with my friends or watching a movie. It could even just be going to the dining hall to eat with your friends for an hour. Just do something that doesn’t involve much mental exertion, and you should be good to go.

  2. 2. Go to the Gym

    two women working out

    The next step is to go to the gym. It may seem like a waste of precious study time, but trust me, exercising is such a good stress reliever. A good workout is a perfect remedy for a fried brain.

  3. 3. Red Bull!

    This last step might be a bit controversial, but it works. I know cramming is bad, and you don’t retain as much information as you could if only you had started studying earlier, but let’s be honest: we’ve all been there. Cramming is often necessary in college and that’s just a fact. That being said, if you find yourself in dire need of an effective cram session, Red Bull is the move. This drink is an absolute life-saver and has gotten me through many a sleepless night. If you have an eight-page research paper due the next day, but you only have one page done at 10 PM, Red Bull is there for you. If you have a midterm coming up for a class that you skip half the time, Red Bull has your back. It’s a miracle drink, but be warned, the crash is brutal.

I hope this helps for the next round of midterms, and I wish you good luck!


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