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Seeing The Bright Side Of The Four O’Clock Dark

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Every year, I dread the end of daylight-saving time. The clocks turn back, and it’s official – winter is starting.

Between exam season, cold walks to class, and the “four o’clock dark,” Boston winters can feel extra long with the wrong mindset. But with a good routine in place, you can make the season a little bit brighter!

Keep reading for easy ways to take care of yourself and enjoy this winter!  

Making Your Bed 

The first thing I like to do in the morning to start my day on the right foot is make my bed.

I, too, have fallen victim to 8 a.m. classes since coming to BU, so I understand how painful it can be to roll out of bed when it’s still dark outside. Making your bed can make this wake-up struggle a bit more fun and improve your mindset right off the hop!

Accomplishing something first thing in the morning will boost your energy and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love coming home to a neat, cozy bed at the end of a busy day? 

Lean Into Self-Care 

Self-care should be incorporated into your daily routine during every season, but it’s especially necessary during the winter.

I don’t know about you, but when the temperature starts to drop, my skin always gets extremely dry. Leaning into your skin care routine, taking a nice hot shower, or even lighting a winter-scented candle are perfect ways to unwind at the end of the day. If you don’t already have a go-to self-care routine, this winter could be the perfect time to make one that works for you! 

Move Your Body

When classes start getting busier and the snow starts to fall, I find it harder to get myself to the gym. However, staying active is super important to maintain positive well-being when the four o’clock dark hits.

On days you’re feeling too comfortable at home to venture out into the cold, try doing at-home exercises such as yoga, or even just stretching. This winter could be the perfect opportunity for you to find new ways to move that are fun and simple. Put on that cute matching set and you’re good to go!

Exercise Your Mind

The early sunset often makes me feel lazy. During the winter months, when I’m feeling tired, one of my favorite things to do is journaling. It’s important to keep our brains working, even when we’re just relaxing at home. Journaling helps me do just that! 

If journaling isn’t for you, winter is the perfect time to start a new book series and swap with a friend! Instead of watching the same TV show reruns over and over, try reading for a little while to take a break from the inevitable winter screen time.

Dress Warmly

This one may seem self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised how many people hate winter simply because they’re not dressed for it!

Dressing warmly makes all the difference in developing that positive winter mindset. It’s no surprise that the cold weather is miserable when you’re dressing as if it’s fall or spring.

Ever heard the saying, “Look good, feel good”? Well, winter is the perfect time to discover a new style that’ll have you looking chic while still feeling warm enough to head out on a “cold girl walk”!  

Try adding some of these positives into your winter routine and feel the difference!

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Geena Prestia is a junior at BU studying journalism with an Italian minor. She's been a writer for Her Campus since the fall of her sophomore year. She enjoyed writing for HCBU so much that she decided to take on more responsibility as an editor in the spring and is currently an Senior Editor & Writing Director intern! Outside of Her Campus, Geena has always felt empowered in strong female environments and, in the spring of her freshman year, joined the Rho Chapter of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority. As an academic, Geena involves herself in many on-campus clubs to further her journalism experience. She was the multimedia editor the BU's The Daily Free Press, a correspondent and editor for the WTBU radio show, and is currently working as a 2nd-year marketing intern for BU Admissions. Geena also accepted a remote journalism internship for the spring semester, with a NYC based entertainment publication called The Garnette Report. In her free time, Geena loves traveling, writing, spending time with her big Italian family, exploring Boston with her friends, and country concerts! She is also very passionate about the arts and was a competitive singer and dancer from a young age. Geena has only ever had a pet fish but hopes to one day become a bulldog mom!