Quip – The Toothbrush You’ve Seen Everywhere

For months, I often saw an ad for this aesthetically-pleasing electric toothbrush called quip. I usually ignored these ads, thinking it was probably just your average electric toothbrush whose price was driven up by the sleek design and refiller plan. That was until my beloved electric toothbrush that I’ve had for two years suddenly stopped working. On top of that, repurchasing the toothbrush was impossible, as the company had stopped producing it. It was then that I decided to give this quip toothbrush a try.

Before purchasing, I did a little bit of research. As it turns out, quip was very reasonably priced, at only $40 initially and the option to start a plan payment which means you would be sent a new toothbrush head every 3 months for an additional $5 each time. This was something I thought was very unique about the product; most other electric toothbrushes that I’ve owned in the past always left it up to you to go and buy more toothbrush heads when the time came. Quip, however, made it easy.

After purchasing my quip toothbrush, I immediately noticed how different it was from brushes made by more popular companies like Oral-B or Sonicare. The design was simple, convenient and sleek. It came in a case that made it easy to travel with and had a suction holder that made it easy to stick to and remove from surfaces such as your wall or mirror.

Quip also was a leading brand in oral care. According to the quip website, it was dentist-recommended and had “bristles with just the right amount of sonic vibrations and guiding pulses to help simplify better brushing." It also had a built-in 30-second quadrant timer to help ensure that you are brushing every part of your mouth for the recommended 2 minutes each time.

After using this brush for the first time, there was a noticeable difference. It produced a very clean-feeling mouth and significantly reduces plaque build-up. After using it for about two weeks, I knew that this was the ideal toothbrush for me. It was gentle and easy to use, and I felt good knowing that I was getting an ideal clean every time I used it.


Although I started out being skeptical of quip, I ended up loving the toothbrush. It made me actually enjoy brushing my teeth!


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