Not A Transfer Anymore

It’s been a year since I transferred to Boston University and the start of my junior year has been very different from my sophomore one.

What’s different about this year is that I’m finally not living like a freshman. This time I know where my classes are, how to use the printers in the library, what the best time to go to the gym is, and what some of the best things to do around campus are.

Because I transferred here, I basically had two freshmen years of college. Not in terms of academics – I have always been in the class of 2020 – but in the sense of being at a new school.

I was surprised at how differently I felt knowing that I was going back to the same school I was at last year. It was a completely different feeling, one that I hadn’t had since high school.

I had none of the nerves or anxieties that I had had the last two years and instead was able to really look forward to the start of the school year.

I couldn’t wait to see the friends that I hadn’t seen for months and to hear all about their summer vacations.

I couldn’t wait to go to my favorite yoga studio and see my favorite instructor and get back into my regular practice.

I couldn’t wait to get a coffee at my favorite shop on Newbury St. and sit there while I did my homework for class (well, the homework I wasn’t that excited for).

Finally, I had a home where I felt comfortable and happy to be.

This time I didn’t have to worry about making all new friends because I already had some (even though I’m excited to meet even more people).

This time I didn’t have to leave 25 minutes early to class to make sure I went to the right building and found the right room.

This time I didn’t have to worry about starting over, because I wasn’t.

When I returned to campus, I was excited by the familiarity of the streets, the buildings, and my own apartment, and within the first couple of weeks, I saw three of my previous professors who were excited to know how my summer went.

I’m grateful to be back at school. My classes have been interesting, I’m trying out new clubs and new groups while maintaining my old ones, and it’s been so much fun to be back with my friends. I can’t wait to see what this new year brings even at my old school.


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