New Year, New Attitude: Ditch the New Year’s Resolutions for a New Perspective

It’s been almost a month since we rang in the New Year, and despite the fact that I continue to accidentally write “17” anytime I have to write the date, we’re well on our way into 2018. At this point, many of us may have already abandoned our New Year’s resolutions or might have simply forgotten about them altogether. In the last few days of December 2017, as I was thinking about what resolutions I would confidently announce to my friends and family this year­­–only to pretend they never existed approximately 2 weeks later­–I decided to ditch the whole practice altogether.

Now, before you start thinking that it’s unambitious to go into the New Year without any goals, let me clarify. While I may have opted out of the more traditional resolutions to “Go to the gym more!” or “Spend fewer hours binge-watching Netflix!” that doesn’t mean I don’t have any aspirations for the next 12-months. Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, I chose to adopt a New Year’s attitude. In 2018 I decided to change my perspective and take on a more easy-going, happy-go-lucky attitude. But of course, that’s just my personal goal. Inspired to adopt your own New Year’s attitude? Here’s some inspiration for several ways to optimize your mindset this year and make a New Year’s goal you can actually stick to.

1. Aim to Be More Ambitious

Want to become a go-getter in the New Year? Make your resolution to be more ambitious in 2018, so you can set more goals throughout the year and actually go after them. Decide to pursue that leadership position you’d set your sights on, or maybe build up the confidence to apply for that dream summer internship. Make it the year of following your ambitions and commit to the mindset that’ll get you there.

2. Commit to Being More Carefree

Make 2018 the year of impromptu plans, spontaneous weekend adventures, and less stress. If you usually find yourself easily caught up in the obligations of school and work, give yourself a break this year by adopting a more carefree attitude. While it’s great to be hardworking, everyone needs some balance between work and play. For your New Year’s attitude, make room in your life for a little downtime and impulsivity.

3. Opt to Be More Optimistic 

The New Year is a blank slate giving you the chance to make the most of the next 12 months ahead, so why not take on an optimistic attitude to match the fresh start? Of course, it’s hard to be positive 24/7, but just making the effort to see the glass half full in 2018 is a great first step toward a more positive perspective on life. Radiating positive vibes is sure to send some more positivity back your way since the people in your life are likely to reciprocate your optimism. Positivity is also a great way to ensure a happier and healthier new year.

I hope I’ve convinced you to ditch those traditional New Year’s resolutions for a New Year’s attitude you can actually stick to. Let’s make 2018 the year of happier and healthier mindsets and making positive changes we can all follow through with!


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