My Halloweekend at Home

In college, one of the most anticipated weekends is the weekend prior to Halloween. “Halloweekend,” as it’s so called, combines partying and getting dressed up as whatever you want. It’s a weekend event, so you can go all out and plan multiple costumes and make them as intricate as you want.

Most students, including myself, plan for this weekend in advance and look forward to it coming. My goal was to make my costumes even more creative this year.

However, last minute, some other responsibilities came up. I made the choice to help out at home and take a break from busy city life for the weekend instead.

So, on the Friday of Halloweekend while all my friends were doing last minute costume prep, I was on my way back to rural New Hampshire. I was ready for some relaxation, but also afraid of the FOMO I was going to feel.

In reality, having a break was really nice. I was so preoccupied with doing nothing that I didn’t feel left out from the happenings back at school. It was actually really fun to see everyone’s costumes on social media and not have to worry about how mine was going measure up in comparison. I even got some inspiration for next year already!

I spent the weekend eating food that wasn’t from the dining hall, baking cookies, watching movies, and sleeping until noon. It was a perfect break to get back into midterm season, ready and refreshed.

Every year I always go home for Thanksgiving to the trees already bare. The end of October is the perfect time for fall foliage in New Hampshire so I loved getting to enjoy that.

There’s so many things to do at home during the fall season and I was glad I got to take advantage of them. Growing up in a rural place always made me crave city-life, but I never noticed that I did actually miss little things like pumpkin patches and corn mazes. It’s safe to say this weekend gave me a new-found appreciation for my home state.

I realized things that are supposed to be a big deal because the majority of people like them don’t always have to be your thing. While I do still love Halloween and the idea of celebrating, I’m glad I was able to take a break and make decisions that were best for myself at that time.


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