Meet the Next Big Thing, Clarissa Garza!

I want to introduce to you one of the members of the Her Campus writing team, Clarissa Garza! This sophomore loves writing articles about self-care, college events, food reviews, and also fun and quirky listicles and thought-provoking pieces.

Part of the Class of 2021, the Texas native is excited about her future as a Terrier. Upon entering BU, Clarissa wanted to be a Psychology major.

“I realized it wasn’t a good fit for me and decided to switch my major to English since I loved literature and writing,” said Garza. 

However, after her first couple months studying English, she realized her passion, in reality, was in journalism. She cites Her Campus as her defining reason to switch to a major in journalism.

“When I started thinking of jobs post-graduation, I realized I wanted to go into the journalism field since I enjoyed writing for Her Campus so much,” Garza noted.

Clarissa is not alone. Many college students decide to switch their majors during their freshman and sophomore years of college because they realize that their chosen major is not the correct fit for them.

Since that trend grew recently, colleges are beginning to create programs, like the College of General Studies’ Boston-London Program, which accommodate students who are unsure of their majors.

Outside of academics, Clarissa wrote on the Daily Free Press at Boston University for a semester, and is a part of the Her Campus writing team!

While she hasn’t started interning just yet, she hopes to land an internship this summer to gain more real-world experience in the field of journalism.

“I think once I complete an internship, I’ll be on the right path for my career,” said Garza.

The career she references is the dream of one day running her own online magazine where she decides what content runs, so perhaps you’re reading the first article on the next Giselle Melendres, editor-in-chief for one of the top running online magazines Mad Sounds Records.

Being a part of a field like this is something that Garza was passionate about for a long time. Her love for writing combined with the passion for journalism gives Garza a purpose on campus.

“Some advice I have for people thinking of joining Her Campus is to go for it. There is something for everyone here, and you are bound to find your niche here,” said Garza. This is advice she hopes future writers will consider as they get ready for Winter Splash in January!

With the season of gifts and giving coming up, Garza explained how excited she is to go home for Christmas. "I am a Christmas fan and one of those people who starts listening to Christmas music and decorating on November first,” said Garza. With the spirit of Christmas already inside her since last month, Garza said she wait to go home and binge-watch as many shows as possible before school starts again.

Later in life, she hopes to be able to travel all around the world and land her incredible job.

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