Meet HCBU Writer Jericha Tavares

Here at HCBU, we want you to get know and love our team of writers just as much as we do! And I have the absolute pleasure to introduce you to Boston University junior, Jericha Tavares.

Jericha is probably one of the kindest people I have met at BU so far. When I arrived at the over-crowded GSU (BU’s student union that is constantly serving that hustle and bustle vibe) to interview her, I was stressed, to say the least. Would I be able to find a table where we could actually talk and get to know each other? Almost as if on cue – I looked at my phone to see that she texted me letting me know that she was able to find a coveted booth seat! This little interaction shows just how considerate and compassionate she is, and that’s only the beginning.

Currently studying Psychology and Public Health, she plans on either pursuing a career as a mental health professional or in the field sexual health. “I think everyone should see a therapist,” she said. “ I wish more people understood that it’s O.K. to take care of yourself.”

Originally from the tropical state of Hawaii, Jericha decided to make the move to Boston as a way to experience something new. Although she enjoys being a member of BU’s Hawaii club, she has expanded her horizons and is an active member of Alianza Latina, BU’s Largest Latinx organization, as well -– showing just how easy it is to form connections with other members of the community regardless of one’s social or cultural background.

One of the best things about her is the fact that she is always down to talk about anything! Regardless of the topic being awkward for some (sexy stuff) or controversial to others (pro-life versus pro-choice), Jericha has never been one to shy away from having a constructive conversation.

Not only is she incredibly open-minded, but she is also an open book too. “Something about me is that I have A LOT of opinions… I think there are a lot of important things that we don’t talk about but we should talk about,” she said.  Not only does she talk about these topics, but she also explores them through her writing here on Her Campus! By engaging in these tough conversations both through her writing and in her everyday life, Jericha is actively working to make a change in her community for the better!

When I asked her to share some advice she had for the readers, some words to live by if you may, she told me this: “It’s ok to make mistakes. Just knowing that you’re going to make mistakes because you’re young, it’s better to make them now, than be forty and look back and say ‘I wish I lived my life differently.’” 

Having the opportunity to sit down with someone with such a high level of empathy has shown me how important it is to help those in need. Her confidence and self-love are absolutely inspiring and are bound to make an impact on anyone she meets.


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