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Introducing Christina Ochoa: The Wicked Cool Actress You Need to Know

Stop what you’re doing and look at this picture:

This is Spanish actress Christina Ochoa. She is beautiful, relatable, smart, inspirational, and talented. Other than her obvious natural beauty, I am going to tell you exactly why she is all of the qualities I have mentioned above.

First, Christina Ochoa is extremely relatable, as proven by this Tweet. Who doesn’t want to take an 81-year long nap? I definitely do!

So now we have established that Christina Ochoa is drop-dead gorgeous and relatable. What else can we expect from an actress? Not much, right? WRONG! Christina Ochoa is smart. But, like super smart. She completed her undergraduate degree in oceanographic engineering in the Canary Islands. Then, she went to Australia to advance her studies in marine biology, specifically focusing on sharks and rays. And although she did not complete it, she pursued a master’s degree in particle physics.

So, now we know that Christina Ochoa is beautiful, relatable, smart, and inspirational. Well, to top it all off, she is an insanely talented actress. She stars in three major TV shows, only two of which I have personally seen. The one I have not seen is Valor, which is a military-related show on The CW.

I first came to know Christina Ochoa from her role in TNT’s Animal Kingdom. She plays Ren, the drug-addicted girlfriend of main character Craig. The major themes of the show are family, drugs, love, sex, and crime. If any of those themes attract you, then I encourage you to watch this show. It is my absolute favorite TV show. If you don’t plan on reading the rest of this article, the least you can do is open up another tab and watch Animal Kingdom. Yes, it’s is that good!

I absolutely fell in love with Christina Ochoa in Animal Kingdom and I wanted more. I saw through her social media that she was going to star in a show on SyFy called Blood Drive, so as soon as the show’s premiere date came, I grabbed the popcorn and sat myself in front of the TV. Christina, without a doubt, is super talented. The show is extremely weird, but she was the reason I kept watching until the season finale.

Long story short, all you have to know about Christina Ochoa is that she is incredible and well-rounded, which is refreshing to see in Hollywood. Go check her out! You’ll be glad you did.

Lauren is a Health Science major on the Pre-Med track at Boston University. She loves anything science and loves writing in her free time. 
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