I Tried 3 Dupes For The Lululemon Align Leggings –– Here Are My Thoughts

Written by: Rosariana Lubrano

The Lululemon Align Leggings are arguably the most popular pair of leggings on the market today, especially amongst college girls, and for a good reason. The lightweight, high-rise leggings are buttery soft, yet sturdy enough to get through a walk to class or hot yoga. They come in over 10 colors and two different rises –– high rise, and super-high rise. The one thing that isn’t so amazing about the Align Leggings is the price. A single pair of these leggings will cost you $98. So, I did some research and ordered three different dupes for the Align Leggings. 

First I’ll start with a review of the original: 

  1. 1. Lululemon Align Pant – $98

    I definitely see why these are so popular. They are super soft, but somehow still have enough structure to compliment your body. They also aren’t see-through at all, which would definitely have been a deal-breaker for me. They have a seamless waistband that doesn’t slip down throughout the day and looks smooth under tighter tops. They don’t budge or move much when I’m doing high-intensity workouts. They aren’t super sturdy; however, they aren’t really intended to be anyways. I also haven’t noticed them stretching out over time. I have had mine for two years and they still fit like a glove. If I had one negative thing to say about these leggings, it would be that they pill if you put them in the dryer, which is a little inconvenient. Buy them here!

  2. 2. 90 Degree By Reflex High Waist Leggings – $25.99

    I decided to start out with this pair because they are NOT a dupe for the Align leggings; however they are still a fantastic pair of leggings. These leggings have a thicker fabric than the Align leggings, making them a little less comfortable than the Aligns. But because of their fabric, I find they offer more structure to your body than the Aligns, and they are also amazing for the cold weather! Another difference between the two is that the 90 Degree leggings have an elastic waistband, so they don’t offer as seamless of a look as the Aligns. Because of this, I do find that the waistband stays put even more so than the Aligns. All in all, are these a dupe for the Aligns? No. But if you’re looking for a pair of leggings for high-intensity workouts or for the cold weather that won’t break the bank, these ones are for you. FYI the sizing runs a little small. Buy them here, but note that you can find them in TJ Maxx and Marshall’s most of the time for a cheaper price.

    Rating: 3/5

  3. 3. Yogalicious High Waist Ultra Soft Lightweight Leggings – $24.99

    When it comes to feel, these Yogalicious leggins feel pretty darn similar to the Aligns. They’re buttery soft, but still hold up during a workout. Like the 90 Degree leggings, they feature an elastic waistband opposed to a seamless one (I find this waistband to be less bulky than the 90 Degree one). These even feature a similar-looking logo. Like the Aligns, they will pill if you put them through the dryer, which makes sense due to their extremely similar materials. The waistband stays put all day and I haven’t noticed them stretch out over time. They run true-to-size. Buy them here, but note that you can find them at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s most of the time for a cheaper price. 

    Rating: 4/5

  4. 4. Colorfulkoala Buttery Soft High Waisted Yoga Pants – $22.99

    WOAH! I had low expectations for these leggings but I was blown away. Right off the bat, I noticed that they look EXACTLY the same as the align leggings, minus the little logo on the back. They are stitched the same way and they have the same seamless waistband. They also feel the most like the Align leggings out of the three: therefore, they will also pill if put in the dryer. These might actually even be a tad more comfortable than the Aligns. However, I will say that the waistband slips down a little if you are doing a more high-intensity workout. But that doesn’t bother me because I prefer these types of leggings for everyday wear or for a light yoga class. Buy them here

    Rating: 4.5/5

The Colorfulkoala leggings definitely take the top spot out of the three dupes I tried. Though I still think the Align leggings are a little bit better then the dupes,  when comparing prices, I would definitely opt to buy the Colorfulkoala leggings instead.


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