How to Take Time For Yourself

It’s dinner time. You hit up the squad to meet at the dining hall. Only – they all have plans.

Alone and hungry, you reluctantly swipe your card and enter. Eyes ping-pong back and forth from you to the empty chairs at your table. You hide behind the shield of your sticker-collaged laptop and brace the storm of embarrassment. Little do you know that there is at least one other person sitting alone as well.

The collaborative environment of college often makes us feel ashamed of being alone for fears of being seen as a loner or an outcast. Yet, a large part of the college experience is learning how to not only survive on your own but to also enjoy spending time with yourself.

Taking time for yourself is necessary for your health. It allows you to connect with your thoughts, emotions, fears, anxieties, and goals. Think of it as a way to recharge when social experiences have drained your battery.

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The journey to keeping your own company takes time. Just as you would take time to get to know another person, keeping your own company starts with simply designating time to be alone. Even ten minutes can be enough to recenter yourself in the busy world of college.

Taking time for yourself should involve doing something that brings you healthy satisfaction and a clear mind. While watching a movie can serve as a wonderful escape, spending time alone should involve active thinking. Clearing your head lets your mind vent just as you would vent to a friend after a long day. If you are a friend to others, why not be a friend to yourself?

Some ways to actively spend time with yourself could be taking a walk, working out, sitting outside, doing crafts, playing music, or meditating. Taking time to get to know yourself leads to an appreciation of what makes you, you. Whether it be your strong endurance on a run, popping music taste, or unmatched mastery of knitting, devoting time to getting to know how wonderful you are, builds your confidence. Taking time for yourself will give you the boost you need to shine.

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So the next time you find yourself alone at the dining hall, coffee shop, or gym, don’t hide. Stand tall and take pride in your ability to love yourself as much as you love others.


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