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I first started going to CorePower Yoga during my junior year of high school. In my first class ever, I remember thinking I was going to pass out. My friend brought me to Sculpt class, which is a heated yoga class that works the whole body. The class is divided into different sections, such as squats, biceps, and pushups, cardio, abs…etc. Since I had my first week free, I decided to go to more classes that week. I tried a C2 class, which is much more like a traditional yoga class, but I couldn’t get away from sculpting. It was such a great full-body workout. 

When I first started doing CorePower, I really only thought of it as a workout class. I found it to be fun with the music blasting and being in a group. I loved other aspects of the class as well, but at that point, it was strictly a workout for me. Recently, however, I have found it to be so much more. 

College is truly a crazy time. You are juggling a million different things, and though high school can be full of madness too, the decisions and impact of those decisions in college seem to weigh heavier. The stress is one of a different breed. When I go to CorePower now, I pay more attention to the specific phrases that are repeated every class. At the beginning of every class, the instructors will say things along the lines of “Let everything outside of this room go,” or “Clear your mind of everything.” Before, I would have been like, “Wow this is some wacky stuff,” but now I truly appreciate those words. We also set a goal for ourselves before each class. I usually listen to the goal the instructor sets for the week. These goals can be something like, “Push yourself harder,” or “Focus on being your best self.” I find them to be applicable outside of my practice as well. 

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Then as we flow our first sequence, something incredible happens. I actually forget about everything going on outside of the class. My mind is purely focused on the workout. I focus on pushing myself to work harder in the workout or even some days not pushing myself too hard. Thoughts about homework, family, or friends cross never my mind. I am totally immersed in my practice. 

Time in my Sculpt class is time I truly value. I try to go five times a week, though this can often be hard with my schedule. I used to go to make sure I stayed physically fit. Now I go more as a time to relax and let go of all the stress of the day, the weeks or months ahead. For those 60 minutes, I am truly living in the moment.

Photo Credit: Core Power Yoga

I encourage all of you to take time out of your day to find something that removes you from thinking about all the work or social stress surrounding your day. Try to find a space or an activity where you can let go and clear your mind. 


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Carly Newell is a sophomore at BU. She is a huge foodie and loves exploring the city to find restaurants & coffee shops. She also loves cookies & romantic comedies.