How to Become More of a “Morning Person”

Many of us are not the friendliest or most energetic version of ourselves in the early morning. Waking up and being productive is not the easiest thing to do: especially as a college student when your bedtime is hard to regulate. With long days, exams, and constant stress, the morning seems like a chore. But, having a productive and positive start to your day might be exactly what you’re lacking.

  1. 1. Wake up a little earlier than you should

    white and black alarm clock with hand on gray table

    To avoid stress, wake up a little earlier than your first morning obligation. With more time to wake yourself up and get yourself together, mornings will feel more manageable! Having enough time before jumping into school or work can be transformative during your day.

  2. 2. Have a routine

    The Lalagirl Writing In Notebook

    Having a morning routine or to-do list can keep you on track with the little time you have in the morning. Every second before you step out the door goes too quickly! Setting aside time to read the news, have breakfast, and get yourself ready can slow down the hectic rush of a morning.

  3. 3.  Be active

    Woman running with a sunset in the background

    For some, being active in the morning is key to having a productive rest of the day. While this may mean waking up an hour earlier, it can leave you feeling more energetic and ready to conquer the day. If there’s no time to head to the gym, incorporate walking into your commute.

  4. 4. Eat something


    Many of us don’t have the appetite or time in the morning for a full breakfast. But, there’s no doubt that a nutritious breakfast can give you the energy to avoid the morning slump. Opt for a healthy breakfast with your morning coffee for a boost of energy!

  5. 5. Look good, feel good?

    Skincare morning routine

    Sometimes part of being a morning person is being ready to conquer the day. Ditch the sweats and throw on an outfit! Looking your best can improve your mood and outlook on the morning. 

  6. 6. Entertainment wouldn’t hurt…


    Listen or watch something while you’re getting ready or heading out the door. Whether it’s music, a podcast, or your favorite show, this can help wake you up and get in a positive mood.

  7. 7. Remember, it’ll be over before you know it!

    Woman smiling

    For non-morning lovers, this stretch of the day may feel the longest. No fear, the afternoon and evening struggles will remind you mornings are not so bad after all!

Changes to your daily routine might make you the morning person you never thought was possible. Get ready to turn off that alarm, and brew your coffee!

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