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An Honest Review on Soul Cycle: Worth It or Overpriced?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

I recently bought five Soul Cycle classes, one of which I attended the other day. My highlight of Friday night was an extremely intense workout. The dark room, with candles and super loud music, was completely filled with people! I was a bit late and walked in once they had already turned off the light, so one of the Soul Cycle workers helped me to my bike with a little red flashlight. Here’s a big tip: if it’s your first time, try not to be late!

First, let’s start with the most important topic: pricing. I like that Soul Cycle offers single classes, so no yearly or monthly time commitment like many yoga and gym memberships. If you’re new, take one class, and if you liked that first class, remember the instructor’s name and sign up for three classes with that same instructor; no need to buy all five, or more, your first time around.

The instructors are a super important addition in determining whether you come back to Soul. ALL the instructors are good, but with some, you just click. I had class at the Back Bay location with Tori R, and loved it!

Here’s why I keep coming back to Soul Cycle. It’s about two things: the mentality of the community and your health. Everyone in that dark room has the same mentality of pushing yourself to your highest ability. You feel like an athlete for 45 minutes, even though you might be someone who hasn’t even once thought about how cool it would be to be a professional athlete. With Soul Cycle, you can! 

I highly recommend trying out Soul! Yes, it’s expensive, but most things in this world that are worth it are either expensive or hard. However, it all pays off with the result. I felt amazing after the workout; 100% better than after any of my regular gym workouts. Not to mention the amazing bathrooms Soul has. The lighting is perfect for that selfie, and their hair and body products will make you look like a glowing goddess after leaving their studio.

Have fun trying Soul Cycle! Let’s make this summer our best one yet!


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