Healthy Eating: A Lifestyle Choice

When I explain clean eating to people, I always respond with an explanation on how what you put in your body matters! Up until a couple of years ago, I myself did not believe this same phrase. But, I had yet to notice how healthy eating could be delicious and transformative to one’s lifestyle.

Over time, I have made some lifestyle choices that align with a healthy and clean eating philosophy. I have found that opting for REAL food makes it effortless. Instead of grabbing for a bag of potato chips as an afternoon snack, I will eat some almonds, a banana, or a granola bar.

First off, eating healthy CAN be delicious. It may take work, but there are so many healthy options at the supermarket and even at restaurants. There are so many foods that you can adapt to a healthier version. Maybe instead of mac-and-cheese, opt for whole-wheat pasta with vegetables or tomato sauce. Or, better yet, adapt your favorite tacos into a taco salad! Making small substitutions and adaptations make clean eating seamless and even more delicious than the real thing. Do some research online or follow an Instagram food blog that posts great recipes!

A huge change I have made with a clean eating lifestyle is drinking A LOT of water! Hydrating yourself with lots of water cleans toxins from your body and ultimately makes you feel a lot better. I have opted to only drink water, tea, or coffee. I find that juices and soda are too high in sugar and hidden ingredients and leave me feeling sluggish!

Eating healthy and drinking a lot of water DOES make you feel better. You wake up in the morning less groggy, more energized, and even with clearer skin! It’s a sign that your body is receiving the proper nutrients and vitamins. You are running a well-oiled and strong machine!

BUT on the other hand, I love to indulge and cheat once in a while. I have too much of a sweet tooth to give up the occasional ice cream and junk food binge. I like to remind myself that everything is okay in moderation. Clean eating is a lifestyle and having a donut once in a while won’t change that. So, eat out with your friends, have that donut, and never make yourself feel deprived!

So, I encourage you to make healthy eating a lifestyle and not a horrible chore! Clean and REAL food is delicious and can be transformative to your health and the way you feel on a day-to-day!

Invest some time into what you put in your body, I promise it’ll be worth it!


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