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Guilt-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love cookies. Honestly, cookies are one of my favorite desserts, right behind ice cream. And if you put ice cream and cookies together, I’m in heaven. As we know, cookies are not the healthiest thing to put into your body, and are definitely treats. From this, I began my quest for the “healthy” cookie.

I turned to Google for my search for a delicious and “healthy” cookie. After hours of searching and going through the YouTube black hole, I stumbled upon a cookie recipe that looked promising. I found a coconut and almond chocolate chip cookie recipe that was featured in Ingrid Nilsen’s video (you can skip to 5:08 for the actual cookie recipe).

And so the cookie experiment began.

For these Coconut and Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies, you need:


2 cups of almond flour

¼ tsp. of salt

¼ tsp. of baking soda

6 tbsp. of coconut oil (melted)

¼ cup of honey/agave

½ tsp. of vanilla extract

2 tbsp. of water

½ cup of shredded coconut

½ cup of chocolate chips


Cookie tray

Parchment paper


Measuring cups and spoons


1. Set your over to 350 degrees F.

2. Mix all your ingredients in a bowl

3. Line your cookie tray with parchment paper

4. Place and mold the cookie dough into desired cookie-shapes on lined tray

5. Bake cookies for 10-12 minutes

6. Cool for at least 5-10 minutes


I have to say, these cookies were DELICIOUS and I may be addicted.  I had a really hard time not devouring them all at once. They are quite hearty and rich, so it makes it easier to be satisfied with one or two. However, if you’re like me, you have no control when it comes to cookie consumption.

Some notes:

Firstly, you have to mold it in to cookie shapes because these bad boys do not spread at all. Secondly, the texture of the cookie reminds me of an oatmeal cookie because of the coconut flakes and almond flour. Thirdly, the recipe makes about 12-15 cookies depending on your desired cookie size.

All in all, these coconut and almond chocolate chip cookies are great and are definitely satisfying, but they will never fill the butter-based chocolate chip cookie-shaped hole in my heart. Try them out though! And if you want the full guilt-free experience, enjoy them with a glass of almond milk. And remember, all good things come in moderation!

Mikaela is a sophomore in Boston University's College of Communication. Her major is advertising and has an focus in Spanish. Mikaela likes avocado toast, hot chocolate more than coffee, and dogs. Her passions include fashion, watching movies, and eating yummy food. 
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