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A Girl's Guide to Stay-at-Home Self-Care

Now more than ever, there is great emphasis on staying mentally and physically sound. While this time spent at home is frustrating and often scary, taking care of yourself and loved ones is critical. Many of us are used to an around-the-clock, jam-packed schedule and this downtime is truly out of the ordinary. 

This time at home calls for a breath and a step back. Show your mind and body the kindness it deserves. When life picks up as normal, maybe self-care and mindfulness will be something we all bring along with us …

  1. 1. Stay goal-oriented

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    Make a to-do list. Setting goals and managing priorities are still essential, even while camping out at home. From schoolwork to job responsibilities, and chores, a to-do list can help manage your time accordingly. At home, it’s easy to lose track of time and routines. Crossing off tasks from a list is a rewarding way to end the day!

  2. 2. Read

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    Many of us would love nothing more than regular Netflix marathons. But, nurturing your mind with a good read is the ultimate self-care practice. Sort through your old bookshelves, or pick up your favorite read. It’s quite the escape…

  3. 3. Primp yourself

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    Treat yourself to an at-home spa. Maybe that means; lighting a candle and putting on your favorite facemask, taking a bath and watching a movie, or even giving yourself an at-home mani-pedi. The list goes on… 

  4. 4. Get organized

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    I know. Many will say how is organization a part of self-care? But, cleaning and creating an organized environment for yourself is half the battle. Whether it’s your room, office, or both, having a multi-functional and clean space is essential.

  5. 5. Cook or bake

    Spoon Csu-Blueberry Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

    What better way to occupy yourself than getting creative in the kitchen? Pass time and experiment with new recipes. Concoct some immune-boosting meals and whip up some high-calorie treats!

  6. 6. Stay active

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    No access to a gym doesn’t mean there’s no way to stay active! If permitting, take a walk around your neighborhood to clear your mind. At-home workouts are the perfect way to maintain a fitness routine. Many companies are providing free virtual workout classes, too. Unroll your mat and find some makeshift dumbbells…

  7. 7. Be gracious

    Outdoors Taking A Deep Breath

    Be thankful that you’re healthy and safe during this unprecedented time. While missing out on time with friends and school activities may not be ideal, health is the greatest gift. Most importantly, express your love, support, and graciousness for others, too.

Take this time of staying home to treat yourself with some self-care. Promote your wellness in the best way you can and stay healthy!

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