Finding Happiness Within Yourself

“If I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?” I came across this quote years ago and since then I have been on a quest for self-reliant happiness rather than materialistic happiness.

I’m no expert on life; I’m just a normal college student trying to manage everything. Despite life's struggles, I like to believe I’m a pretty happy person. I have always preached to my friends to be happy with themselves before relying on others for happiness. You always have yourself, you don’t always have other people around you.

That’s one lesson I’ve learned at college. Loneliness sucks. It’s even worse if you don’t have your closest friends and family around you. I’ve realized that a good amount of my happiness came from my environment at home, as it should. I found joy in seeing certain people, doing certain things, driving certain places. That being said, I wanted to find happiness that didn’t rely on outside factors and that I could have wherever I go.

I don’t think there is a universal formula for internal happiness, but mine is based on noticing the small moments in life and finding gratitude in every breath. It sounds daunting, but with practice, I promise a smile will always be on your face.

Finding quiet time is key. Most people think it is overwhelming to meditate, but when done right, it is the perfect escape. Meditation becomes quality time with your mind and allows you to unwind from the chaos of the world around you.

For many college students, survival mode becomes a natural state when midterms and finals come around. It is during that time when it is most important to slow down. Slowing down when things get crazy can also help with finding personal happiness. For me, slowing down involves slow music and a walk along the Charles River. Taking a step back from the chaos at Boston University can help you stay sane.

When you let other people determine your happiness, you are gambling on how happy you will truly be. Relationships are complicated and friendships can be tricky in college. I’m not saying don’t be happy with other people around, I’m just saying make sure happiness is found in the things you do alone as well.


When you find self-happiness, independence and confidence follow. Radiating a smile while walking down Comm Ave shows a confidence that every college kid wants.    


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