A Complete List of Applications Every College Student Should Have

Chances are, over the course of your four years in college, you will find yourself stressing over never-ending to-do lists and crazy schedules. The good news is, there are plenty of apps that you can download on your smartphone to make college life a little easier.


1. To Make Connections → Linkedin

Landing the job of your dreams is not just about having a great resume, it’s also about having connections to be aware of opportunities you wouldn’t know about otherwise. A great way to make these connections is to be active on the Linkedin mobile app. It allows you to check what’s going on in your professional circle/field at all times!


2. To Go Everywhere→ Uber & ProximiT

To go from one side of campus to the other or make your way in the city if you don’t have your own car, you need a ride (either Uber or the subway). Uber is very convenient as it allows you to schedule your ride in advance. Additionally, I highly recommend the ProximiT app to my fellow Bostonians: it indicates the time you have to wait for the T. I just started using it and it is already so, so useful!


3. To Be Organized → Program Schedule & Google Calendar

Every college student’s schedule is always super busy, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everything and to remember where we have to go or what we have to do next. I love the application Program Schedule to visualize my class schedule and my upcoming assignments and be reminded of where I have to be 30 minutes before class. Another great application is Google calendar. It is super convenient as you can centralize all your appointments and events in there, whether they come from Facebook, your email, or your phone.


4. To Study Anywhere → Quizlet & Duolingo

If you want to make the most of your time commuting to school and study in-between classes, you can download these apps to access your favorite study sets, flashcards, and resources online with Quizlet and learn new languages with Duolingo.


5. To Be Aware of The News → NYTimes & Apple News

As a journalism and political science student, I HAVE to keep up with the news. Rather than carrying the expensive newspaper with you, you can find out what’s happening in the world in real time with news apps that will provide the same great articles and send you notifications about the most important events of the day. You can also download Twitter and follow the accounts of news outlets to see the day’s headlines in your feed!


6. To Focus → Flora & Be Focused

After a long day, it can be hard to focus on your work. The Flora and Be Focused apps help you break up tasks and taking regular, short breaks!


7. To Manage Your Health→ Clue, Health, Breathe & MindShift

College can take a toll on your mental and physical health. When deadlines are all you think about and you don’t have your parents reminding you to work out, eat healthy, and relax, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. These apps will help you to do that.

Clue will tell you when your period is about to begin, and allow you to store information on them (such as blood flow, cramps, pills, etc). This is particularly helpful when the doctor asks you about your last period. Health will help you keep track of your weight, your sleep, and your activity (like the number of steps you took in a day). Breathe will help you to just take a step back from homework, take care of your mental health and relax. The app asks you to pick emotions that you’re feeling at the moment and recommends a meditation based on that information. Finally, MindShift is really helpful with anxiety. It allows you to deal with some situations that give you anxiety with specific resources (“chill out tools” and “thinking right”).


8. To Find All The Cool Events → Facebook local, Eventbrite & BandsInTown (for concerts!)

My favorite thing about college is that there is always a cool event going on near you. You just have to hear about it! These applications make it easy to find amazing events in your area and keep your tickets with you at all times.


9. To Find Food That Can Compete With Your Mom’s Best Dish → Uber Eats

When you get tired of the dining halls, you can order in with Uber Eats and have the most delicious food delivered to your dorm in no time.

All these applications will save you a ton of time and energy that is precious as a college student. Have you tried any of them before? If so, which one is your favorite?

Image credits: We Heart It

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