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5 Pet-Friendly Escapes In Boston For When You Miss Your Pets!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Are you missing your pets at home, or just looking to spend time with some furry friends? Luckily, there are many opportunities in and around the Boston area for students to hang out with animals!

Taking advantage of these opportunities can be about more than having fun, though.

Many college students are in the thick of their midterm exams, which often bring feelings of stress and anxiety. Spending time with animals has been scientifically proven to help people increase productivity, cope with anxiety, and lower stress levels, according to the National Institutes of Health.

To find a cute (and potentially cuddly!) way to de-stress, read on.

Volunteer at The Cat Connection

The Cat Connection is a non-profit cat rescue located in Brighton, MA. This nonprofit organization takes in abandoned and stray cats and re-homes them.

They offer a range of in-person and remote volunteer roles, including cat caretaking, cat supervising, events, kitty content writing, and photography. No matter your niche, you can find a role you will enjoy! Find out more here.

Take an Animal Yoga Class at Water and Rock Studio

Water and Rock Studio is located in Newton, MA, and offers animal yoga classes close to Boston University’s campus.

This studio is unique because it incorporates four-legged friends in its yoga instruction. It offers classes with bunnies, puppies, cats, and even goats!

The classes provide a unique opportunity for people to exercise while interacting and playing with the animals. You can learn more here.

Join Boston’s Best Dog Walkers

There are many dog-walking groups that students can get involved in. Boston’s Best Dog Walkers is just one of the many!

This organization is dedicated to providing for animals. They are looking for pet groomers, dog walkers, play group attendants, and pet boarders to fill both part-time and full-time positions! Find out more here.

Visit the Franklin Park Zoo

The Franklin Park Zoo is home to hundreds of animals from all over the world! Though the petting zoo at Franklin Farm recently closed for the year, visitors can still see a wide variety of animals throughout the park. You can find their website here.

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Hang Out at The Boston Common

If you don’t have the time for the other activities on this list, then plan a study session in the Boston Common!

The Common is only a 15-minute train ride from Boston University’s central campus. On a warm day, it’s both a perfect study spot and a great place to see animals.

It is very common for people to walk their dogs here, so keep an eye out! Head over to Boston Commons for some fresh air and four-legged friends!

Hopefully this gives you a few fun activities to do in Boston next time you miss your pets!

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I am a member of HerCampus at Boston University; I am a sophomore transfer.