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Best Açaí Bowls Near BU: Ranked

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Growing up in central Jersey with Playa Bowls on every corner, I have become an açaí bowl fanatic! So, trust that I spent the past year finding my new go-to spots around Boston University. Here are my favorite açaí finds, ranked!

Playa Bowls – Northeastern 

I’m sorry, I had to do it. I have yet to find a bowl that matches the consistency, size, and freshness of Playa Bowls! From their crunchy, sweet blueberry granola to the way they overstuff their bowls to make sure we get our money’s worth ($12 – $15 is no joke!), I can’t advocate for it enough. This spot by Northeastern is compact but gets the job done, and I love that they use straight açaí in the base without diluting it with plant-based milk. They also have a great variety of other options for bases, from pitaya to banana to mango, and an endless amount of topping options.

I always find it the most cost-effective option to order a pre-made bowl and substitute the topping I don’t want with those that I do! Otherwise, it can get pricey as each topping is an additional $1.00. However, all in all, I can always trust that Playa will not disappoint.

Life Alive – Commonwealth Avenue

Life Alive is a vegan cafe with spots across Boston, from Newbury Street to BU’s campus. While their warm grain bowls and fresh salads are delicious, I have to give credit to their açaí. The açaí itself has a thick consistency and is incredibly refreshing and sweet. They don’t blend the açaí with any other liquid either, which is a huge plus. The granola itself is both sweet and salty (which can be overpowering at times) but it has a great crunch and pairs well with the açaí. To top it all off, the ambiance of the cafe is simply gorgeous. All menu items are served in rustic-looking dishes that give a very earthy feel to the spot!

My go-to bowl is the PB&J which has a generous amount of peanut butter (a must!). The prices are pretty standard, around $12.50, and portion sizes are satiating but not huge. I wish they had more bowl options and topping choices in general, but overall, I think their açaí bowls are worth it. Give Life Alive a try!

Gypsy Place Coffee and Juice Bar – Cambridge

Now this location is a bit of a walk, but I would say it’s definitely worth it. I walked here from Warren Towers on campus and the journey was quite enjoyable! They have a decent selection of options and focus on keeping everything vegan, which is fantastic. Furthermore, prices are fairly standard, falling around $11-$13.

In regards to the bowl itself, it gets its points for three main reasons: size, presentation, and flavor! The açaí itself is served in a large wooden bowl (and when I say large, I mean it’s a two-person-can-share type of big!) and is garnished with goji berries, coconut, pumpkin seeds, granola, and the best part – a hibiscus flower. Regarding the taste, the açaí is sweet and addictive, but slightly runny in texture as it is blended with the milk of your choice. Overall, they have delicious bowls that are worth the journey! 

The Juicery – Commonwealth Avenue

This spot is located right underneath Warren Towers on BU’s central campus. From smoothies to juice to açaí, they have a great selection of items! They also make this list due to their convenience, as the location makes it very accessible to grab a bite in between classes or simply when you’re in your dorm and don’t want to walk too far for a meal.

I usually get their Red, White, and Blue bowl which comes with blended açaí/guarana, banana, & almond milk topped with fresh strawberry, blueberries, banana, almond butter granola, and cacao. I rank their bowl last not because it isn’t delicious (it is!), but because as listed above, the base itself is a blend of many ingredients that distract from the pure açaí taste. This makes it very liquidy, which is not a preference of mine. Especially because we pay the price for açaí, it is disappointing to receive a watered-down version of it. However, despite this setback, everything else is great. From the fresh berries to sweet granola and generous amounts of nut butter, I can always count on The Juicery for a good smoothie bowl when I crave it! 

With summer just around the corner, be sure to honor those açaí cravings by checking some of these spots out!

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Noyonika is a freshman at BU majoring in Environmental Analysis and Policy with a potential double minor in Economics and Nutrition Science. She enjoys singing, working out, and exploring the city to try new foods in her free time!