7 Things To Do When You're Feeling Overwhelmed

College can be super stressful socially and academically. It seems like something is always happening, whether it’s a group project or a friend’s breakup! Sometimes it can seem so chaotic, and that’s when you must take a step back and take care of yourself.  

1. Take a nap.

When I get stressed, it’s usually because I haven’t been getting enough sleep. When I don’t get enough sleep, everything feels overwhelming. The bad news is that sleep deprivation is very common among college students. However, the good news is that you can prevent feeling sleep-deprived by resting when needed and trying to get eight hours of sleep each night or by taking a midday nap to get you through that last class or late meeting.

2. Get active.

If I ever feel super, super stressed, I like to head to the gym. I find that hitting the treadmill for thirty minutes gives my mind a chance to work through my worries. Some of my friends turn to yoga, pilates, or spin class as a way to beat stress. Another option is just taking a walk while listening to music; it can be very helpful when I feel overwhelmed.

3. Call a friend.

There’s nothing like calling an old friend when things get overwhelming. Whether it’s your childhood friend, a friend from college, a cousin, aunt, or your mom, it’s very comforting to talk to someone familiar. They know you well, and will most likely give good advice.

4. Go to a salon.

This is one of my favorite things to do when I feel overwhelmed. I like to go and try a new haircut, get my nails done, or even just get my brows shaped. I think it’s nice to practice self-care when you’re feeling down. I always feel fresher and more ready to tackle the day after I’ve indulged myself.

5. Eat a good meal.

I get hangry all the time but usually, after I eat a healthy meal I feel better. In college, it’s easy to eat things that aren't good for you because it’s hard to make time for meals and the "bad" stuff is usually quicker. However, I find that after eating a healthy, well-balanced meal, I feel a lot better overall.

6. Clean.

Clean your room! It’s easy to let your room get messy, but cleaning it up and putting clothes away will make you stress less. Go get some cute baskets and hooks and really organize everything. It will make a difference when you can crawl into a freshly made bed at night.

7. Socialize.

Go to a party! It’s easy to feel down and overwhelmed, but socializing makes me feel a lot happier. It’s so fun to see friends and catch up and forget about your stress for a little while.

So relax, take a nap, and clean your room!


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