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The 7 Stages of Class Registration

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Twice a year, us college students ride the same roller coaster: class registration. Sure, it’s fun to think ahead to the next semester and hope to be in class with your friends, but the process of getting there is nothing less than stressful. While some semesters are easier than others, I have rounded up the seven most common emotions experienced during class registration.

1. Finding out what classes you need to take next year.

This is often paired with the realization that class registration is fast approaching. Some colleges carefully lay out your four-year (or however many years) plan, so you know exactly which classes to choose. Other students, however, need to do a bit of digging for prerequisites and requirements for their major.  

2. Going on Rate My Professor to research who will make the class as enjoyable and beneficial as possible.

While I love being a business major, some of the classes along the way are not my cup of tea. Of course, I consult my friends about their experiences with various professors, but additional research can’t hurt, right? It always helps to have a professor who is engaging with students and is available outside of class if you have any questions.

3. Organizing the perfect class schedule.

Whether you prefer mornings or afternoons, giving yourself time to nap in between class or getting it all done at once, we all have our own idea of an ideal schedule. Finding classes that align perfectly is incredibly refreshing and makes us think “huh, maybe class registration won’t be so bad after all.” 

4. Realizing your assigned time is either towards the middle or end of the registration period.

This moment certainly adds some excitement to the registration process. As for me, this realization prompts me to go back to my schedule and ensure there are a significant amount of seats left in the classes I planned to take. But of course, this moment has fewer implications as you get older and begin to choose classes ahead of your peers.

5. Refreshing your screen every 20 minutes and reevaluating your odds of getting into each class.

It’s finally registration day and the pressure begins to kick in. Maybe you and your friends are all huddled around your computers, or you prefer to handle registration on your own. Either way, it is inevitable that you will log onto your student account and see how many seats are left in your classes as time progresses.

6. Signing into your student account faster than you knew was possible to secure your seat in each class.

The race is on! Your adrenaline is pumping, and you finally discover how fast you can click, type, and log in to your account. Just a few more moments… and you are done!

7. Feeling that wave of accomplishment after securing your schedule.

Saving the best moment for last: that wave of relief when you have finally secured your classes for the next semester. The work is done and now it’s time to celebrate or call your friends to find overlaps in your schedule.

While you may feel stressed throughout the class registration period, it’s comforting to know your experiences are shared by most college students. While there is no one perfect schedule, as long as you are able to take classes for your major or something of interest, that is a “win” in my book.


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Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.