6 Things to Do to Relax During Midterms Week

As a medical science major, midterm week is hell. Should I focus on writing my essay or study intensively for the organic chemistry midterm I have? And in the midst of all this work, when do you find the time to relax? To help with the stress, I have compiled a list of activities that have always helped me relax during a stressful week.


  1. 1. Read a Book by the Charles River

    This is always my favorite thing to do when I feel stressed. I take a book that I am currently reading and sit on the rocks by the river to read it. The atmosphere of nature and wind help bring a sense of calm. Bringing a book can help focus your mind on something other than work for a short period of time, which can distract from the stress.

  2. 2. Go for an Impromptu Boba Run

    Boba is the best pick-me-up to exist and just taking a walk to a nearby boba shop can be relaxing. Maybe try a hot bubble tea instead or one of the specials. This can also act as a reward for an intense period of studying as well.

  3. 3. Do Some Housework

    While this may seem tedious and boring, doing something routine does a lot to relax you. Start your laundry early and use it as a break between periods of studying. You can also play your favorite soundtrack as you vacuum, wash the dishes, or cook a meal. Doing some housework will also make you feel productive as you take a break from studying.

  4. 4. Call a Friend From Home

    Calling an old friend is the best way to relieve stress. Set an alarm or a specific time to talk and spend some time catching up on each other’s lives. They may have some advice to help you with stress as well. This can give you a new perspective on the work you have to do.

  5. 5. Go for a Run

    Doing any form of physical activity can relieve any form of stress. Taking a quick run around campus can make you both less tired and more energized to work later. If you don’t like running, doing things such as yoga or simply stretching can help as well. One of my favorite things to do is play my favorite playlist and have a dance party.

  6. 6.  Improve Your Self-Care

    This means anything that will take care of your mental health or physical health. Spend ten minutes to put on a face mask or take a break to paint your toenails. This will raise both your confidence and make you more relaxed to do work later.

Most of the things in this list work because they allow you to take a break from the stress and focus on something fun for a short time. Taking productive breaks can leave you more relaxed to do work for a longer period of time. Hopefully these things will help you feel less stressed during midterms week!

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