5 Tips to Make Mornings Suck Less in College

As a self-confessed sleepaholic, mornings have never been fun. Growing up, I would dread the sound of my alarm, as it violently shook me from my slumber and forced me to face the facts of life – a new day was here and it was time to leave my sweet, sweet bed. After minutes of letting my alarm ring, my parents would barge into my room and try to get me out of bed. I’d often try bargaining with them, begging them to let me have just five more minutes of precious sleep. It rarely worked.

When college rolled around, I was worried that my hatred of mornings would cause a huge roadblock, especially because I had 9am's every day. After a bit of trial and error, however, I have been able to come up with a few tricks that make waking up easier and mornings suck less!


1. Make a to-do list the night before

Adjusting to a brand new schedule in college can be really difficult and confusing. BUT all that confusion can be easily avoided by taking a few minutes to plan your day the night before. Waking up with a game plan will not only help you to feel more productive but also have you waking up feeling like you actually have your stuff together!


2. Begin your day with a glass of water

I start off every morning with a glass of water – no matter what. Along with its benefits like promoting clear skin and giving you more energy, water helps you feel refreshed and alert on those groggy Monday mornings!


3. Play some music 

Turn on your favorite jams or whatever you’re feeling that day and dance like nobody's watching! Listening to music while getting ready is a sure way to not only get your body moving but also to brighten up your mood for the day ahead.


4. Make your bed

I know I probably sound like your mom right now, but making your bed in the morning actually has its benefits. Not only does it keep your dorm looking cute but it also creates a relaxing space for you to snuggle up in after a long day of being kick-ass!


5. Grab breakfast with your besties

We all know what they say about breakfast – it’s the most important meal of the day! Whether you’re the type of person who can survive the day with coffee alone or you need a full course meal to get you through the day, eating with your girl gang is a great way to get you excited to get out (or roll out) of bed in the morning!


While mornings still aren’t my cup of tea, using these tricks has helped me to look at my mornings as a way to feel more productive, reconnect with friends, and prepare myself to make the best out of my day.

Incorporating even one of these tricks into your morning routine can help your mornings go from drab to fab! Maybe you can even become a morning person! 


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