5 Things To Do During The Study Period When You Need A Break

When BU’s study period rolls around, it’s hard to think of doing anything besides studying for finals. We associate this time of year with cramming, stress, and probably a lot of anxiety. However, while studying is important and vital to doing well on your exam, it is also good to take some time to relax so you’re not constantly stressed the whole week. Here are five ways I like to decompress during my free time.

  1. 1. Explore the Boston Commons

    The one good thing about spring study period is that it’s finally warm enough to go out and explore how beautiful Boston can be in the sun. One great place to explore is the Boston Commons. It’s always full of activity and is a great place to go just to people watch and take in the sun.

  2. 2. Go Shopping 

    Retail therapy is a great way to relieve stress. Newbury Street, Prudential Center, and Primark are good places to pick up a new outfit for the summer. Even just window shopping can help take your mind off exams for a while!

  3. 3. Host a “Study Break” with Your Friends

    Get all your friends together and do something relaxing and fun! Do facemasks, watch a movie, or even do some coloring or crafts to help you unwind during finals. Spending time with friends is always a great way to have fun in stressful times.

  4. 4. Clean and Organize Your Room

    If you’re anything like me, being in a messy room can make you even more stressed! Take some time this study period to make your bed and organize your desk to ensure you have a clean environment to live and study in.

  5. 5. Pet a Bunch of Dogs

    It’s no secret that petting dogs and playing with animals can boost your mood. If you can, I’d recommend spending time with some furry friends during this study period. There are multiple therapy dog events on campus throughout finals week!

Even during the most stressful point in the semester, it’s important to take care of yourself and take some time off when you need it!


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