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5 Healthy Snack Ideas That Are Perfect for Your Dorm Room Cravings

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Most of you are probably thinking––healthy? Boring. I feel you, girl. I thought the same until I got to college and my naïve freshman-self was victimized by all the excessive sugar, fries and of course, Dominos, that called out my name at Warren late-night. 60 packets of Takis, 40 bars of chocolate and 20 packets of Trolli sour gummies later, my skin had become a breeding ground for acne and all sorts of bacteria. I struggled deeply with confidence and as a result, found myself hiding as I buried my face in multiple layers of make-up––something I’d never been used to. I yearned to have my OG, non-greasy skin back and I knew that no “anti-something” cream, spot treatment, or medication could truly help reverse the damage my eating had caused. That’s when it hit me––I had to change my ways because you truly are what you eat! I was determined to prove that healthy can be delicious and satisfying too and I have never looked back since (for the most part)!

1. Hummus and anything

Honestly, the hummus memes are real. It’s literally a blessing from the food Gods for everyone on a budget (or not) ––it’s cheap, surprisingly goes with almost everything, and delicious. I usually reach out for the Sabra Roasted Garlic Hummus that you can easily get at Target because I find it’s a great value for the money and, yes, I love garlic! While the conventional way to eat it is with cucumbers or baby carrots, I also enjoy eating it with Stacy’s Pita chips, also easily available at Target (highly recommend), pistachios, and cherry tomatoes. I usually tend to snack on this between meals or even lunch because let’s be real ––ain’t nobody got time for dat.

2. Granola and Greek Yogurt

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Before I tell you why I decided to incorporate granola into this list, I must confess something. I love cereal ––I love cereal a little too much. As a college student who’s constantly on-the-go, it quickly became an easy go-to meal option in my dorm room, (as if I wasn’t eating enough Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cocoa Puffs in the dining hall already)! I needed to find a replacement and one can only imagine how hard it must’ve been for a cereal connoisseur like myself to satisfy my everlasting Cinnamon Toast Crunch cravings, but sure enough, Kind made it so easy for me with their Cinnamon Oat Clusters with Flax Seeds. Yes, I know the latter half of the name sounds WAY too healthy to be good, but I promise you won’t even notice because the cinnamon hides all of that ‘healthy’ taste, still, giving you all its benefits. I pair it with Greek yogurt when I’m running late for class (so basically always) or berries and almond milk when I’m more relaxed on the weekends.

3. Frozen Yogurt (without the extra calories and sugar)

At college, we’re all about being on a budget and finding multiple ways to use the same things. In my quest to find healthier alternatives to satisfy my sour candy, frozen yogurt, and sugary food cravings, I found that freezing blueberries, raspberries, and some Greek yogurt makes for a great dessert or snack on a hot day (REVOLUTIONARY)! Sometimes, I even freeze the blueberries and raspberries and snack on them ––especially when the candy cravings set in during a mid-night study session ––it’s a true lifesaver!

4. Brami Beans

Photo Credit: Food Navigator USA

You’re probably thinking this is a typo, but it isn’t. This hidden gem of a snack is the best when you want something salty without feeling the guilt that comes with a bag of potato chips because it’s essentially Lupini beans with a lot of added flavors.  A friend introduced me to Brami Beans last semester, and I’ve been hooked ever since! While I’ll admit that they weren’t the easiest to find, I found them at Star Market last week and as you can guess, I went a little cray-cray stocking up, especially because they have so many new flavors––from sea salt, to garlic and chive for the more adventurous, spice gals. They’re flavorful, healthy, and an easy snack-able when you’re on your way to class. Go get your hands on these beans because they’re definitely the coolest beans on the block!

5. Ice cream for breakfast? Yes, please!

Photo Credit: PB Fingers

Honestly, I’ll be the first to admit that banana is definitely not a universal favorite –– I remember cringing at the thought of it as a kid, but a few years ago, I tried freezing it and then mashing it with some peanut butter. Voila! The peanut butter gave it the silky texture of a soft-serve while the banana added the sweetness. It’s such a great breakfast or post-workout snack and I mean, who doesn’t like ice-cream?

These healthy snack-hacks have definitely changed my perspective on what healthy food really is and I hope this helps you make your diet cleaner, your skin clearer, and you happier!


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My name is Anoushka. I am a Senior at Boston University, studying Journalism and Advertising. I am from Mumbai, India, the land of spices, culture, and colour. I love singing and basically anything that screams music. When I'm not writing or belting the notes to my favourite Adele song, I enjoy trying new foods (cooking and eating, of course), travelling around the globe, and looking for new ingredients to add to my superfood stash.
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