4 Struggles Everyone Has While Working Out

The gym is like hell on earth. It’s hot, intimidating, and physically and emotionally draining. Last week I worked out four days in a row, and I ran into my old hook-up twice. Plus, a cute boy looked at me as I was scrunched into a weird ball on the floor trying to catch my breath. The gym to some people is a sanctuary, but for me, it’s my own personal hell. Here are more reasons why I hate dieting and going to the gym.


1. Too many cute boys and one ugly me.

Watching me workout is gross enough, but add the fact that I'm not wearing makeup and we have a serious situation. I just don’t think it’s fair that I’m trying to become fit, but look ugly doing it. Where is the justice?


2. The treadmill has become my frenemy.

I understand running is a great workout because it can build your endurance and stamina, however, within five minutes I’m out of breath. I don’t understand people who can run six miles and not need to pass out afterward. After 10 minutes of running, I’m either crying, passed out, or on the BU bus home in hopes of never returning to the gym. Although it makes me fitter, I feel personally victimized by the treadmill.


3. Eating right vs. Eating good

I shouldn’t have to eat dirt and grass in order to lose weight. In high school, we had pasta parties the night before each game to “carbo-load,” however when I carbo-load now I gain two pounds. I understand the path to losing weight is eighty percent dieting and twenty percent physical activity, but I just can’t bring myself to only have a salad for lunch. I mean, I’ll be hungry in five minutes and I'll start eating again, which will make me gain even more weight.


4. The Three C’s

I love my carbs, my cheese, and my chocolate. It’s the trifecta that can turn any bad day into a good one. And if I choose to eat a huge bowl of mac and cheese followed by some chocolate ice cream, I shouldn’t feel guilty. I hate when people say, “you can work out after to burn away the calories,” as if I regret eating all of those calories. Trust me, I don't.


Despite my negative attitude towards the gym, I will admit, it’s really important to stay healthy and active to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not only does your body depend on you working out, but your mind does as well. There are so many benefits, like being able to concentrate better, and becoming less tired or irritated after your workout. It looks like we might just have to suck it up and take the hour out of our day to give our bodies some love.