Why We All Need A "Cheat Day"

So, if you live on Earth you know by now that every day millions of videos are posted to Youtube. There are channels for just about everything you can think of that post content for our viewing pleasure.

One of the most popular Youtube channels right now belongs to ClevverTv. They produce shows every week centered on news, style, movies, music and more. There latest addition to the ClevverTv family is a new series called Cheat Day.

On this hilarious show, hosts Joslyn Davis, Lily Marston, Erin Robinson, Miriam Isa and guests get to eat all the wild wacky food creations you could dream up (and even some that probably should have never been dreamed up).

From all the nostalgic 90’s snacks we miss so much (like dunkaroos, YUM!) to the 6 Most Expensive Burgers in Vegas, these girls will try just about anything. And sometimes, they do: crazy things like chocolate covered carrots or sugar as a pizza topping (which we can only imagine it the weirdest flavor combination you’ll ever experience). Either way, these ladies can take the best/grossest experience ever and make it a laugh out loud viewing experience.


Each week they try a crazy new food combinations and provide great commentary to go along with it. It is impossible to watch an episode and not want to go home and make a donut bun for your bacon cheese burger because, trust us ladies, everyone needs a little Cheat Day!

Be sure to check out the Cheat Day series and all of Clevver’s best channels 

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