Why Sticking to Your New Year's Resolutions is So Important

As we get back into our everyday routines of school and living back on campus, everything we do tends to become more rushed, forcing our New Year resolutions to escape our minds. However, if we stick to them, it is extremely probable it will open the doors to a healthier lifestyle.

If you have ever heard of a resolution, then you definitely know the saying, “New Year, New Me!”. As enthusiastic and reassuring as that sounds, it seems that nearly everyone’s repeating the phrase but not actually working towards bettering themselves. Excuses pile on top of each other, the binge-watching of Netflix shows gets more intense (unless binge-watching was your resolution…), and the work you have been wanting to do since January 1st has been given the label “I’ll just do it later.” Why is it so difficult to commit to one resolution and stick to it, whatever that resolution may be?

If your goal is to be a “new you,” then create a path to get there. Do not just say the words, make a plan.

If your goal was to work out to be a new you, then create a specific time for that. Do not go whenever. 

If your goal was to eat healthier, create an eating plan that forces you to eat greens instead of pizza.     

If your goal was to become a better person, help someone near you or just a simple “hi” can and will make someone’s day.

No matter what your New Year resolution is, keep it close to you and do not let it slip your mind. “New Year, New Me!” may just be another cliché saying, but it has a deeper meaning. Become a better you, for you. Make sure you set aspirations and meet those aspirations with dignity.

Make 2018 your best year yet and become the best version of you that you can be. After all, it is up to you.