Why It's Okay to Feel Homesick

The first week, the first month, maybe even into second semester you can feel really homesick. Being homesick can happen to anyone, not just freshmen. You become so acquainted with living back at home all summer that you are dependent on it again.

We get it – college life is not always easy for everyone. For freshmen particularly, it can be quite an adjustment. It’s a new place, new people, new academics, and a new home. Homesickness does not always come with a warning and it can be triggered by different emotions your feeling.

Please understand that the friends you make here are all going through it in their own way. Some people might actually be voicing they are not homesick at all and that is okay, too. You are your own person, which means that you will not feel the same emotions as the next person. Do not invalidate your own emotions because they don’t align with your friends.

It’s okay to feel homesick and it’s a normal feeling that most freshmen begin to feel at some point. We know it may feel like nobody understands how your feeling, but we know it may be completely overwhelming right now. We have all gone through it and know how lonely our emotions will make us feel. Remember you are not alone. The friends you are making right now are probably going through the same thing. Making time to hang out with these friends will help keep your mind from thinking about your homesickness.

Helpful Tips/Reminders: 

Our parents are still our parents! Call home if you are feeling homesick and talk to them to let them know how you are feeling. They love you and will want to hear from you just as much as you want to talk to them.

If you don’t feel like talking, write down what you’re feeling in a journal. Journaling is a great way to clear your head and sort through any emotions.

Listen to music that makes you happy! Music has a way to change our mood either positively or negatively depending on the song you’re listening to. Put on some of your favorite happy music and feed off of that positive energy.

Counseling services are available if you need to talk to someone more in-depth about how you feel. It is completely okay to ask to talk to someone. Asking for help is always a sign of strength!


Always remember what you are feeling is normal. Your best friend from home has probably felt this way once, and even your dorm room neighbor probably has. Everyone goes through these emotions, and unfortunately it is what happens when transitioning to adulthood.

You got this! Although college is all about academics, it can be fun at the same time!


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