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Tips for Starting Your Health & Fitness Journey

The hardest part of every journey to better health and fitness is getting started. Trust me – I’ve been there! Change is hard and takes a lot of work. It can be scary, and you may not even know where to begin. As someone who has been through it, I have created a list of my top tips that I wish I knew when I started!

Write down everything you typically eat in a day and see where there is room for improvement.

For example, I used to get my Dunkin’ iced coffees with cream and three pumps of flavor swirls, which has tons of sugar. Now, I opt for black coffee with one or two flavor pumps. The small tweaks in your diet make the biggest difference. This is not something that you will figure out right away, but if you are consistently trying to find ways to improve your diet, it will pay off to help you feel so much better!

PRO TIP: Low calorie, high volume foods allow you to eat more and stay full longer. That’s why I opt for egg whites over regular eggs and bagel thins instead of big, fluffy bagels!

Get a planner!

My planner is my best friend! Being in college, it can be super difficult to keep track of everything I need to do in a day. I use an hour-by-hour planner to make sure that I am making the most of every day – scheduling off 1 to 1.5 hours each day to workout is something that I swear by! It gives you a designated section of your day to get moving and take your mind off of things for a little while.

Get a gym buddy to hold you accountable.

Some people like to workout alone, and some like to workout with friends. If you are someone who struggles with motivating yourself to get to the gym, having a friend to go with you makes it a lot easier to get there, and it is a lot more fun! 

Cook meals at home!

Cooking at home is not only easier on your wallet, but on your health too. Cooking meals allows you to know exactly what is in the food you are putting in your body! One of my favorite meals to make at home is Chipotle bowls – some taco seasoned beef or chicken with the usual Chipotle mix-ins such as corn salsa, guacamole, lettuce, and sour cream. Making meals at home is often lower in calories too, which helps if weight loss is your main goal!

PRO TIP: If weight loss is your main goal, remaining in a caloric deficit is crucial. There are tons of websites that can help you calculate how many calories you should be eating in a day to achieve your weight loss goals. Just search and enter your current health information; it will give you a good idea of what is best for your body! By the way, 1,200 calories a day is not enough.

Follow ‘fitspiration’ accounts on Instagram and TikTok.

Not only does following ‘fitspiration’ and healthy cooking accounts give you great workouts and recipe ideas, but it can remind you why you started in the first place! I personally love getting recipe ideas from TikTok. They’re always super creative and tasty. I also love seeing people’s own journeys to health and fitness; it inspires me to keep going.

Don’t get discouraged!

Results don’t appear overnight! Just be consistent, keep it up, and you will see results. It takes a lot of time and patience, but don’t worry. For reference, it took me almost two years to lose 50 pounds, and I am still working on achieving my fitness goals! It gets easier as you begin to get into a consistent routine.

Remember: food is fuel and you should enjoy it.

It’s all about balance: don’t restrict yourself from the food you love – have that pizza! Don’t drive yourself crazy over those days where you may eat unhealthy. Just get back to it the next day; in the end, that’s how to make obtaining a healthier lifestyle more achievable and maintainable!

You are perfect just the way you are!

This article is purely about feeling good and taking care of your body. Being aware of what you put into your body is super important. It is the best and healthiest way to boost energy levels, clear your mind, and tackle every day! Remember, you got this. The hardest part is starting… so what are you waiting for?

Follow @gettinhealthywithrach on Instagram to follow my journey to my health and fitness goals! I post workout ideas, tasty healthy recipes, and other hacks to help you in your journey to reaching your own health and fitness goals.

Senior at Bryant University studying Marketing and Team & Project Management
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