How to Prepare for Finals Week


That week is finally here. Yes, the week were you basically run on 3 hours of sleep and Ramon noodles. Yes, the week were you actually question if this whole college thing is for you. Yes, finals week is here. Do not start freaking out like you haven’t been through this before. You can do it! Just breath and don’t forget to eat or sleep and you will be just fine. Trust me I know how you feel but we will get through this together. These 5 tips will help you stay calm and get through finals week in a breeze.

Get a head start:

Finals week is kind of like New Years. One second you are writing down your Christmas list the next you are counting down for 2034. Finals week sneaks up on you and there is so real way to stop it but you can prepare for it by starting early. If you plan out all the days and times when you will be taking your finals a month a head, it will give you more time to prepare for each class and it won’t hit you in the face when you find out that your final is Monday at 7:30am. So, when Sunday comes around you aren’t just opening that book under your desk that has been collecting dusk all semester. Take action by making a plan, organizing your notes, and starting early.

Find a study partner:

Everything is better when you have a buddy to help you! Link up with someone who has the same class that you are studying for and create a study time. Sometimes it helps to have someone to help you understand what you don’t understand and if you have someone that you can explain the information too. That will also show you if you understand the inforamtion. Having a study partner or even a study group can help you feel more comfortable when finals week comes around. But make sure your partner or study group is actually help you and not distracting you. If you find yourself still not understanding or regretting being with that group or partner by the end of the night, then they might not be the right choice.

No social media (or Netflix):

Social Media and Netflix is like an endless rabbit hole. You say to yourself “it won’t hurt just to look at this one like” or “just one more episode of Greys.” Then you look at the clock and your “just one last look” turns into the whole night being gone. You have scrolled down all your Ex-boyfriend photos and all his frat brothers photos. You have been through almost all the 1 session episode of Greys. That’s why it’s best to just silent your social media and log out of your Netflix account. Every minute during finals week is precious so do not get lost in that rabbit hole. Your grade will be very upset with you if you waste time.

Take a break:

Finals week can get kind of crazy and it is easy to get lost in studing. It is okay to take time for yourself. It’s okay to step away for an hour or two. Take a nap, talk to your parents or a friend, or go exercise. Now I would not suggest to pull up Instagram or Netflix because like I said it is easy to get lost, but if you do something that just clears your mind for a little while, it will allow yourself to charge up and get back to studying.

Get proper rest:

Now as college students, it is very rare for us to get 8 hours of sleep. During finals week, we are lucky to get two. It is best if you try really really hard to get proper rest. If that means start studying a little earlier then, okay but do not run on two hours of sleep during finals week. Your body needs to rest and your mind needs to processes all the information that you just studied and the only way it can do that is if you sleep. Now I am not saying “bed time at 8:00 sharp” but be reasonably. If you have a final at 7:30am, 5:00am should not be the time you are just getting in bed. Rest is extremely important! Give your body some TLC and go to sleep!