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Circus Alexander
Becoming A Published Author

Now we all know what it is like to have a favorite author and having to wait years for the next book to come out. am one of those...

woman wearing green graduation cap
What Happens After?

It’s that time of the year. The end of a school year and for some the end of their time as a student. Though for me that time is...

Grey lockers
A Tribute to the Tigers

A suburban high school in Louisiana has lost five Tigers in just over one year.

Campus Profile: Sue Johnston

If you’ve ever called Brenau, it is very likely that the voice that warmly answered belonged to the always chipper and welcoming Sue...

hand holding fresh blueberries
Feeding Your Cravings

Everybody loves food. Now it is how we handle our cravings that determine how we can manage to stay in a healthy shape while still eating...

When you’re Mixed but Don’t Look It

My father is the best person I know. He’s smart, practical, loving, protective, and everything else that a girl could ask for in a father...