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I’ll admit it, I’ve become a massive fan of the good old Sunday reset. In my eyes, it can’t be beat.

Picture this, you spend all weekend having fun without a care in the world. Whatever fun is to you, that’s what you’re doing. All. Weekend. Long. Saturday night, you curl up in your bed and get a great night of sleep. Is your room messy? Probably. Do you need to do laundry? Definitely. Is your hair clean? Absolutely not. That’s all okay! You know why? Tomorrow is Sunday. Not just any Sunday… Reset Sunday.

You wake up at a decent time after getting all your rest in. The sunlight is peeking through your blinds. You go to get out of bed and your room looks like a disaster. Don’t fret! It’s Sunday! You have the whole day to take your time, go little by little, and get everything exactly the way you want it before starting the week. I, personally, like to start mine with intensive self-care (shower, skin care, exfoliation, you name it). Play your favorite tunes while you’re in the shower. Let the water rinse all the dirt from the weekend, the stress, the sadness, and the aches from whatever you did last night right down the drain. Give yourself a moment to breathe and destress. Everything will be okay, and this shower reminds you of that.

After the decompressing time in the shower, it’s time to get down to business. Your hair is up, your comfiest clothes are on, favorite music still playing – you’re all set for a productive day! It’s cleaning time. I like to gather all my laundry, go throw it in, and clean up while it’s washing. Make my bed, clean all the surfaces in my room, throw out the trash, whatever needs done! Usually by the time this is finished, the laundry is in the dryer and the biggest obstacles are just about over. Typically, I spend the weekend around a lot of people and in all honesty, my social battery is drained by Sunday. These are the best days to enjoy your own company. Read a book, watch a movie, meditate, whatever makes you feel refreshed and recharged.

By the time evening comes around, I usually have a nice dinner and get started on any homework I didn’t finish over the weekend. Taking time to truly dive into your to-do list is a great way to start the week. Getting a head start never hurt anyone! It’s important to find time to decompress and recharge on your own. Being with friends or family is always fun, but your number one priority has to be yourself! Taking this time each week to focus on my own well-being has really made a change in my life. If you haven’t had a proper reset Sunday yet, or have been putting one off, try it this week!

We can all use a little time to be at peace with ourselves, and this is the perfect way to start!

Selena Dominguez

Bowling Green '25

Selena is a second year junior at BGSU studying psychology. In her free time, she loves to hang out with her friends, watch movies, journal, and perfect her Pinterest boards. Her biggest passion is helping others better themselves, as well as bettering herself along the way.