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How To: Stay in Shape as the Weather Gets Colder

Just because the weather is getting colder, it doesn’t mean that your body can’t be hot!  Try these workouts to get in shape for the fall and winter.


1. Netflix and Sweat.

We all love Netflix, now you can be productive while watching Netflix and get your workout in.  There are plenty “Netflix Workouts” that are easy to find online, like the “Friends” one below.  Just google your favorite TV show

2. Hit up the gym!

Commit to a weekly gym class with friends.  The campus gym offers a variety of classes at different times throughout the week.  Pick one or two to add to your weekly schedule.  I reccommend Zumba or Spin, but there are plenty of other choices depending on your workout preferences.  

3. Take the Stairs

Skip the elevator next time you are going to your dorm or apartment.  This is a quick easy way to get some aerobic exercise and tone your legs.  If you want more of a workout, run up and down the stairs alternating intensity’s with each lap up and down.

4. Join an indoor intramural team.

Get some exercise and make friends while doing it!  There are plenty of indoor teams on campus like Volleyball, Basketball, or Floor Hockey, join the fun! 

5. Dance it out!  

Be productive on your nights out.  Get out there and dance like no ones watching.  It’s a great cardio workout!


Deena Abramson is a Senior at Binghamton University studying Psychology and Health and Wellness Studies.  She is originally from Lexington, Massachusetts.  She is currently the President of her sorority, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi, and is so grateful for her Sigma sisters, many of whom are also Her Campus writers!  Some of her hobbies include: running (she has run two half marathons this year!), hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, cooking healthy meals, playing word games, and of course writing for Her Campus!   She hopes that her articles both entertain and inspire her peers both at Binghamton and in the national Her Campus community.  
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