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What’s One Piece of Advice You Want Everyone to Know this Midterm Season?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

Another semester, another midterm season. If you’re stressed out about exams, papers, and group projects, join the club. Here at Her Campus Bentley, we gave out self-care goodie bags to students filled with skincare samples from our favorite brands! We also asked students, “What’s one piece of advice you want everyone to know this midterm season?” Here are the results!

“Before you look at the question, take a deep breath and ground yourself” – Morgan

“Take time for self-care” – Anna

“Midterms come and go; It’s not gonna last forever” – Meredith

“Listen to your body” – Katie

“It’s not the end of the world if you fail” – Taylor

“Do not procrastinate” – Fatima

“Study groups” – Dania

“Take your time when studying” – Lylah

“Go to office hours” – Maya

“Exercise can improve memory” – Lauren

“Take a warm shower to relax” – Ritika

“Make sure you relax and take time for yourself” – Veronica

“You’ll get through it” – Bridget

“Get enough sleep” – Brianne

“Get ahead on studying” – Amelia

“Find a dedicated study spot” – Sarah

“Don’t cram” – Thatiana

“Study and stay healthy” – Maria from the 921

“Go to the library” – Ava

“It’s not that deep” – Makenna

“Drink water, take care of yourself, and go to sleep” – Av

“Make sure to have snacks on hand” – Zoe

“Sleep is the most important thing” – Olivia

“It’s not gonna matter in 5 years” – Caroline

“This is just the start” – Parth

“Take breaks during study sessions”- Anna 

“Keep track of deadlines and plan in advice” – Kaylee

“Go to bed early” – Ward 

“Not to overstress it’s not the end of the world” – Sonal 

“Don’t procrastinate” – Amy 

“Even if you fail you can still pass” – Emma 

“Don’t give up everyone is suffering” – Joanna 

“Take it slow, take breaks” – Katie 

“Manage your time well and be kind to yourself” – Victoria 

“Remember to take time for yourself” – Arpi 

“Cry if you need” – Karmina 

“Don’t push it off”- Julie 

“Just to breathe” – Cassie 

“Get some rest and take care of yourself”- Leslie 

“Take some time for self-care” – Audrey 

“Make sure you have really good time management” – Sophia 

“Take breaks” – Emma 

“Set tiny goals”- Olivia 

“Get lots of sleep” – Ava 

“Set time aside for yourself and get 8 hours of sleep” – Dimple 

“Don’t procrastinate” – Selma 

“Get sleep” – Rachel 

“Eat balanced meals” – Jordan 

“Get rest” – Emily 

“Make sure you get rest, it’s important!” – Kayleigh

“Drink a lot of water and go to sleep early” – Brydie 

“Study hard” – OM 

“Don’t procrastinate, break up the material” – Karti 

“Time management” – Shreya 

“Everything’s going to be okay” – Jeffy

“Be confident in yourself and study, but don’t overdo it” – Mahia

“45-minute power naps are the perfect amount to wake up ready to work” – Shreya

“It’s never that serious” – Grace

“Try to eat good food and sleep better” – Maitri 

“Try and find a comfy studying space” – Jules   

“Don’t forget to prioritize your mental health” – Richa

“No grade will never be worth your mental health” – Edgardo

“Not study in your room and go to the library” – Genevive 

“Make sure you have time to do stuff other than studying” – Sophie

“Find a good study place so you can focus” – Gillian
“Don’t over do it because you won’t do well if you push yourself too hard” – Caroline 

“Dream big!!!!” – Callie 

“Get on LinkedIn” – Danny

“To balance their studying and their mental health “ – Daniel 

“Don’t procrastinate” – Anna

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