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As we approach finals season, we are getting to the point where we buckle down for winter break. Homework over bombards us on weekends, preoccupied with assignments to finish. On top of studying for standard exams, writing final papers, team projects, and presentations, our schedule can quickly turn into a chaotic mess. 


We have a ton on our plate, and there is only so much we can handle before we burn out. An excellent tip to avoid exhaustion is to find a hobby or activity that keeps you motivated during those long nights of studying. For me, that is going to the gym each day. The gym allows me to reset before grinding back to the books. For those who enjoy working out as much as I do, I have created a schedule I use each week at the gym that you may find helpful. 


Monday: Chest and Shoulders


Dumbbell Front Raise 3x7

Plate Chest Press 4x10

Rear Delt Fly Machine 4x10

Chest Fly Machine 4x10

1,1,2 Lateral Raise Dumbbells 3x10

Cable Lateral Raise 3x8

180 Front Raise/Military Press 3x5


Tuesday: Glutes and Hamstrings


Deadlift 4x10

Outer Leg Abduction Machine 4x10

Back Extensions 4x10

Cable Pull 4x10

Good Mornings 4x10 

SDL 4x10 **Stiff-Legged Deadlift

Hamstring Curl Machine 4x10

Goblet Squat 3x8


Wednesday: Triceps and Biceps


Tricep Push Down 4x10

Concentration Curl 4x10

Tricep kickback 4x10

Cable Curls 4x10

Cable Overhead extension 4x10

Preacher Curl 4x10


Thursday: Quad-focused Leg Day 


Back Squats 4x8

Goblet Pause Squat 3x12

Bridged Abduction Hip Thrusts 3x10

Split Squats 3x8

Reverse Lunges 3x8

Leg Press 4x10

Quad Extension Machine 4x10


Friday: Back 

One Arm cable row 4x10

One-arm lat pulldown row 4x10

Overhead lat pulldown 4x10

Wide grip lat pulldown 4x10

Lat push down 4x10

Inner Pulldown 4x10 


Saturday: Rest/ Or Optional Cardio 


Sunday: Total Body Work 


Hammer Curl 3x12

Back Squat 3x8

Stiff Leg Deadlift 3x10

Lat Pulldown 3x10

Curtsey Lunges 4x8

Six-Way Dumbbell Raise 3x6

Tricep Kickbacks 3x10 



Since I am part of the swim team at school, I try to keep my cardio up when I am at home. On Leg Days, I run a mile during warmup, and then I stretch my legs out with ten minutes of the Stairmaster at level 10. On other days I warm up by running two miles, and after lifting, I jog one mile to cool down. On Saturdays, sometimes I will go to the gym to stretch and some interval training on the treadmill. 


To keep a strong core, I recommend abdominal exercises three times per week. That way, you are not exerting yourself and straining your muscles. I do them four to five times per week before I cool down: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I also do core on Saturday and or Sunday nights before bed.

Hello! My name is Marissa, and I am a junior at Bentley, pursuing a degree in Marketing and a minor in Information Design and Corporate Communication. On-campus, I am also an athlete on the varsity swim and dive team, mostly swimming sprint freestyle. In my free time, I love to cook, travel, work out, write and spend time with friends.
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