New Year, New Perspective

It’s 2019 my friends, which means we need to change our views! This year, I made a few choices and have decided to approach 2019 in a different way. Here are some of them to make your year a little brighter.


1. Be more confident!

Don’t be afraid to make the first move. Ask him out to a party and try to keep a conversation going. Even if this leads to rejection the fact that you had the confidence to try will only help you in the future.  If you want more ideas on how to make the first move check out this article:


2. Saying yes

This year is the time to take risks and do things you never thought you would before. A great way to get yourself to step of your comfort zone is to say yes to anything that comes your way.

(disclaimer: if you are very uncomfortable and not in a safe situation then say NO!)


3. Make an effort to keep things going

If you want to hang out with someone and keep seeing them, then take the time to keep the conversation going and come up with things to do or places to go together. This might mean that you should start hanging out in a group first, which could lead to something else in the future.

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