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Do you remember when everyone started doing Chloe Ting’s workouts on YouTube at the start of quarantine? It’s hard not to remember – everyone was posting about her Two-Week Ab Workout Challenge (which now has almost 300 million views on YouTube!) and showing their before and after pictures. The results definitely are not the only important thing though. Exercising is a great way to stay healthy and relieve stress – something everyone can benefit from during virtual learning. I’ve been doing Chloe Ting’s workouts for about eight months now, so here are my favorites!



Chloe’s Two-Week Ab Workout Challenge is definitely her most well-known video. I did this workout myself for a couple months but I’ve actually found a different ab workout that I prefer! My favorite Chloe Ting core workout is her 10-minute Intense Lower Abs Workout. This workout consists of exercises that are 30-40 seconds long with 10 seconds of rest between every set. I love this workout because I can really feel the burn in my lower abs, especially during the in-and-outs! This workout definitely makes me sweat but leaves my core feeling tight and toned afterwards.



Chloe has a ton of lower body and thigh workouts. My favorite leg workout is Chloe’s 10-minute Lean Legs Thigh Workout. This workout consists of mainly 30-second long exercises, starting with standing exercises and transitioning to exercises on a yoga mat. This workout is pretty low-impact and won’t make you sweat like crazy. My favorite way to amp up this workout is by adding ankle weights! This workout may seem easy, but you’ll definitely be feeling its effects the next day!



Booty workouts are definitely a crowd favorite, especially for Chloe. I really enjoy Chloe’s 10-minute Side Booty Workout with optional resistance bands. This workout is made up of 30-second long exercises with 5 seconds of rest between each exercise, and most exercises are done on a yoga mat. My favorite exercise is the rainbows because it works the booty and thighs! You can wear ankle weights for this workout too if you want to feel a little extra burn!



I have two favorite arm workouts by Chloe! Her 15-minute Complete Upper Body Workout works out the arms, back, and chest using light and heavier weights. Each exercise has 15 reps and is done twice with a minute or two of rest after each set. Most of the exercises are done while standing with the exception of the first and last sets. After this video, I like to do her 10-minute Toned Arms Workout. You don’t need any weights for this video – just a wall for wall push-ups! This workout is a great add-on to strength training but don’t be fooled – this workout seems pretty easy but your arms will no-doubt be burning by the end!


This pandemic has definitely made us all a bit lazy and Netflix and snacks have become a staple for Friday nights, but I hope these workout recommendations help you get motivated! With classes and busy schedules, exercising can fall on the back burner, but the extra time that COVID has left most of us with is the perfect opportunity to start exercising more!

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