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By Taylor White

I know I have been feeling pretty tired lately and just missing home. Right now, for me, and probably
you, work in classes is getting harder and harder. Those papers that professors were talking about in
the beginning are real, mid terms are happening and it feels like a lot.
When everyone left campus for fall break, I really started to miss home for the first time since
coming here because I knew everyone else was getting to see their families. Being an international
student made it harder for me to go home and so I thought it was best if I just stayed here. What I
learned while I had so much alone time, was a few things that I could do to just refresh and feel
ready to start doing work and continue having a great college experience, so I thought I would share
a few.

  1. Get Clean
    The first thing that I did was just cleaned my room a bit, organized, washed my sheets, hung a vision
    board, to just make the room feel almost new and become a happier space to be in.
  2. Personal Spa Day
    One other thing that I think is helpful is taking care of yourself. Take an extra long shower, add a skin
    care routine, paint your nails etc. Doing this made me feel like a whole new person (cheesy I know
    but so true). Similar to cleaning your room it helps to feel like you are starting new and ready to take
    on the next part of this semester.
  3. Go off campus
    I cannot express how vital this is!!! Eating somewhere other than the dining hall, seeing new things,
    spending time with friends, is all so important so that campus becomes more like your home rather
    than somewhere you are stuck. There is so many fun things to do in Boston to take advantage. This
    way, you will look forward to things and be happy to be on campus when you are.

I hope you use these over the next few weeks because I think they are important even if you aren’t
feeling the mid semester ‘blues’.